Metakosmia and you

So on the way home today I got talking to a friend, and we somehow began discussing the philosophies of a certain Ancient Greek named Epicurus. I then began wondering how these philosophies might apply to Azeroth and its inhabitants. (What can I say, the bus journey is long and boring).

So one of the Epicurean theories is that of Metakosmia – the Metakosmia would be the space, or void, between planets where the Gods exist. This certainly has its counterpart in WoW – that which we term the Twisting Nether, or Great Dark Beyond, or similar, is often described as the place Sargeras exists, and since Sargeras is effectively a fallen Titan, it stands to reason that the Titans, being the closest thing we have to physical representations of Gods (excluding the Old Gods, who I believe to actually be beings of great and evil power as opposed to actual Gods, and the Holy Light, which is not a God but a theory which a religion of the same name is based on) might also exist here when they aren’t shaping worlds and what-not. We don’t know better, anyway, and probably never will.

Also, I quoth from the heavenly gift that is Wikipedia:

Epicurus did not, however, deny the existence of gods. Rather, he conceived the gods as blissful and immortal yet material beings made of atoms inhabiting the metakosmia.

This is also similar to our idea of the Titans. Whilst we have never met one, only their guardians and keepers and other things they have left behind, we definitely see them as being physical beings, and presumably they are therefore physical in the sense we are, whether they are ‘blissful and immortal’ or not. Besides, what kind of supernatural-because-I-don’t-have-a-body Titan builds structures? I doubt divine spirits need to use the lavatory.

Anyway, perhaps the lore writers at Blizzard are all Epicureanists, I don’t know. Just something to ponder for five minutes during a long flight.


P.S. The next article will be out in a few days, but unfortunately I do have RL things to be getting on with, so it won’t be instant.


Me, Myself and I



So, what better way to start a blog with than with one of my favourite topics? ‘There isn’t one!’ I hear you shout. Of course, once you hear that the subject is me, you might change your mind.

Now, time to give you the lowdown on how I lay down the smackdown with my cooldowns to cause the mobs to meltdown. In other, decidedly more normal, words – my spec.

Believe it or not, I’m specced Demonology. No, really. You wouldn’t have guessed so. Currently I’ve adopted the affectionately-termed ‘Meta / Ruin’ 0/56/15 raid spec, as my custom spec which I previously used was more of an all-round spec and had points in Suppression for hit rating (which I no longer need) and some of the more PvP-orrientated talents – however, with the addition of dual specs, I can off-spec Destro to blow up other people with greater efficiency, leaving me free to concentrate on getting teh phat lootz0r from raids with Demo.

To the talents!


No talents here, but if I was ever to lose hit rating and fall below the cap I would take Suppression again. Improved Curse of Agony is also a plausible option.



Improved Healthstone – Yes, it has raid utility, but it’s not worth the 2 points that I could put elsewhere. Better for PvP and levelling.

Improved Imp – Useless to me, I don’t use an imp. I’d only take this if I wanted to improve Blood Pact – which would be never.

Demonic Embrace – A necessary talent for survivability.

Fel Synergy – It’s debateable as to whether one point in this is better than two or not. Personally, I’d rather be secure in the knowledge that I’m healing my pet all the time. Anyway, a good talent for keeping your pets alive, and can heal them for a fair amount if you have high dps. In my opinion, a necessary talent. If you’re using an imp on passive, it’s maybe not as useful, but I’m not.


Improved Health Funnel – Again, more for levelling and soloing. If you’re having to use Health Funnel in a raid, it means you’re either doing something wrong or you’re delaying the inevitable and your pet is probably going to die anyway.

Demonic Brutality – Buffs my two mainly used pets. The main thing is the FG improvements, but on the rare occasion I use my VW to solo Onyxia or something, it’s all good.

Fel Vitality – A mandatory talent. Buffs to your pet which later helps you, plus more health and mana. Pretty much a no-brainer.


Improved Succubus – Pointless without using the Succubus, and really, who does these days?

Soul Link – One of the main Demonology talents. Very good for mitigating damage, both in PvP and raids (you’re gonna be hit by AoE at the least at some point!). Don’t think I’ve ever seen a Demonology build without it, not least because of the talents it unlocks.

Fel Domination – Not strictly necessary, but makes it much easier to re-summon a dead pet during a fight, as the cast is almost instant with the talent that follows on from this one. For one talent point it’s definitely worth it, and most (if not all) people take it.

Demonic Aegis – A great talent, this should give a substantial amount of extra spell power from Fel Armour. And if anyone actually uses Demon Armour, there’s that too. It gives more armour or something. /shrug.


Unholy Power – Completely necessary for a Demonology build. 20% more damage is a lot! No more need be said.

Master Summoner – In conjunction with Fel Domination, this gives you a very low cast time when summoning a demon. I’ve always taken it.


Mana Feed – A more controversial talent. Some would say it’s pointless because you don’t Life Tap much as Demo and by the time you do your pet has been running on empty for ages anyway, or because pets never run out of mana, but with the new Glyph of Life Tap it’s encouragement for people to Life Tap more and therefore your demon can get mana back too. Better to be safe than sorry – the FG’s Cleave is a lot of its damage, for example. Ain’t gonna be cleaving if it’s out of mana.

Master Conjuror – This talent is awful for levelling, slightly more useful in PvP but really shines in raids post-3.0, so I’d only recommend taking it in a max-level build. (It’s the Spellstone you want to use, by the way – 300 haste is a lot. Still don’t understand why one would use the Firestone).


Master Demonologist – Excellent talent, from a FG point of view it buffs you with 5% more damage dealt and a 5% damage taken reduction, making this talent good for just about everything.

Molten Core – Recently acquired from Destruction, this is a good talent as Immolate, Incinerate and Soul Fire, a Demo ‘lock’s 3 main fire spells, all get buffed by it and it will be up pretty constantly. Some people advise only putting 2 points in because a 10% chance to proc is plenty, and they may be right, but I’d rather have 15%. What can I say, 15 is better than 10. Unless you’re playing golf, I think, but you’re not.


Demonic Resilience – One of the talents I used to have, the 15% damage reduction on the demon was good for raids with AoE damage, but this is really a PvP talent and has no place in a proper raiding build.

Demonic Empowerment – A very nice talent with its place in all walks of life, it can also be talented down to a 42 second cooldown, for 15 seconds of which it’s active. 20% attack speed on the FG is pretty tasty when it’s a 35% up time or so.

Demonic Knowledge – A definite one to take, this works with any demon as they all have either high health or a fair amount of mana, indicative of their stamina and intellect respectively. Lots of spell power to be had!


Demonic Tactics – 10% crit chance with all spells is huge. Enough said.

Decimation – Often called the ‘Executé de la Warlocke’ in French*, this shines in raids and can significantly increase your dps. It’s probably less useful in PvP, as if an opponent is at 35% health or less chances are they’re either healing or practically dead anyway. This also makes Soul Fire a viable part of the rotation again without having to spend a long time casting or farming soul shards. Soul Fire also benefits from MC procs.


Improved Demonic Tactics – It’s possible to move the point from Mana Feed into here, if you so wish, but I just have one point as my FG crits a lot anyway. The main use is to proc Demonic Pact, and that tends to be up constantly anyway, as the dps increase isn’t huge.

Summon Felguard – Why would you take this? Pretty pointless talent isn’t it? Not as if Demo builds revolve around it or anything.

Nemesis – A worthwhile talent to take, it gives Metamorphosis a 26% up time with the glyph (active for 36 seconds with a 2.1 minute CD), Demonic Empowerment (20% attack speed, remember?) a 42s cooldown which was about 35% up time, and reduces Fel Domination to 10.5 minutes of cooldown, which is pretty tasty.


Demonic Pact – The only circumstance under which I’d not take this would be in a strictly PvP build or if you have a Shaman, whose totem buff would overwrite this one. Generally, any Demo PvE build will take this. It’s a lot of spell power you otherwise might miss out on.


Metamorphosis – A brilliant talent which gives a significant dps increase as well as tonnes of survivability in a PvP environment. Now much more accessible due to the Nemesis talent and the glyph, allowing it to be used several times in a boss fight on occasion. Besides, it looks epic, which is reason enough to take it in my books.

*Possibly not an accurate translation of ‘Execute of Warlocks’


Improved Shadow Bolt – This is more useful since the patch as the entire raid benefits, and 5% crit chance is a fair amount. A good one to take, though probably not necessary if you have Improved Scorch in the raid or whatever it is those mages do.

Bane – A lovely talent, which gives a straightforward reduction to cast times. A definite for any spec.

Ruin – I think most accepted specs have this. My previous custom spec didn’t, because I couldn’t reach it due to allocated points in Suppression. However, I have it now and I’d definitely recommend taking it. It works out as your crits doing 125% of the damage they would have done, I think. Either way, higher damage is better damage.


So, hopefully you now have more insight into my talent build. Never mind the fact that the entirety of this article could probably be found on EJ or Wowhead in a much more succinct format. Plus the fact that every other Warcraft blog under the twin suns will have done a feature such as this. Ah well, stay tuned for the next article, which may feature a comedy spin-off series of a popular film. Or it might be regarding other things to do with my spec, like gear, glyphs and g-rotations, which would admittedly be more logical.


P.S. Yeah well, I was struggling for alliteration, alright? What do you mean you don’t know what a g-rotation is?


So, welcome to my new Warlock blog, der Hexenmeister. Yes, it’s German for ‘the Warlock’ but no, I’m not German. Now that that’s sorted, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Veliaf – well, technically my Warlock is named Veliaf, but for all intents and purposes that can be my name too.

I’ve been considering starting up a blog for a while now, and it’ll really just be a way for me to rant, rave and report about my WoW life. You never know, something good might come of it, and perhaps I can provide useful things too. So, stay tuned folks. I’ve a few things planned, and after that, who knows?