Metakosmia and you

So on the way home today I got talking to a friend, and we somehow began discussing the philosophies of a certain Ancient Greek named Epicurus. I then began wondering how these philosophies might apply to Azeroth and its inhabitants. (What can I say, the bus journey is long and boring).

So one of the Epicurean theories is that of Metakosmia – the Metakosmia would be the space, or void, between planets where the Gods exist. This certainly has its counterpart in WoW – that which we term the Twisting Nether, or Great Dark Beyond, or similar, is often described as the place Sargeras exists, and since Sargeras is effectively a fallen Titan, it stands to reason that the Titans, being the closest thing we have to physical representations of Gods (excluding the Old Gods, who I believe to actually be beings of great and evil power as opposed to actual Gods, and the Holy Light, which is not a God but a theory which a religion of the same name is based on) might also exist here when they aren’t shaping worlds and what-not. We don’t know better, anyway, and probably never will.

Also, I quoth from the heavenly gift that is Wikipedia:

Epicurus did not, however, deny the existence of gods. Rather, he conceived the gods as blissful and immortal yet material beings made of atoms inhabiting the metakosmia.

This is also similar to our idea of the Titans. Whilst we have never met one, only their guardians and keepers and other things they have left behind, we definitely see them as being physical beings, and presumably they are therefore physical in the sense we are, whether they are ‘blissful and immortal’ or not. Besides, what kind of supernatural-because-I-don’t-have-a-body Titan builds structures? I doubt divine spirits need to use the lavatory.

Anyway, perhaps the lore writers at Blizzard are all Epicureanists, I don’t know. Just something to ponder for five minutes during a long flight.


P.S. The next article will be out in a few days, but unfortunately I do have RL things to be getting on with, so it won’t be instant.


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