The contents of a well-traveled man’s wallet

NB: Not a WoW-related post

Amazing what one can find when rootling through one’s wallet:

  • A receipt from ‘The Family Lounge’ of P+O Ferries
  • A reservation slip from Tenpin Bowling, in my friend’s name
  • A receipt from Beamish Museum
  • A Park and Ride bus ticket
  • 2 GAME receipts
  • A receipt from RoadChef in Maidstone
  • A bank bag (the type you put coins in)
  • A receipt from Dusseldorf for Happy Haribo Cola Bottles
  • A receipt from Borders for ‘Never Hit a Jellyfish With a Spade’
  • 2 receipts from Superdrug
  • A receipt for chocolate from the Cologne Chocolate Museum
  • A Woolworths receipt with a phone number written on the top, which I don’t recognise
  • An anti-bullying helpline card from the local council
  • A Somerfields receipt – I was served by Joan today
  • A receipt for the Wensleydale cheese factory in Hawes
  • A receipt for some bitter chocolate from a shop called Hussel in Bonn, Germany
  • Another Woolworths receipt
  • A Christmas shopping list written on the back of an A4 piece of paper, the other side of which has a photocopied rough draft of a statement from my Karate instructor with regards to my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • My grandmother’s address
  • A very faded receipt from somewhere called TravelCare
  • My library card
  • £5.40
  • A bus ticket from 30/03/08
  • An “If found, please return to…” card
  • My bus pass
  • A record of a bank transaction where the remaining account balance was £13.37

Just thought I’d share that with y’all.



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