Leveling a Warlock: Level 1

Okay, so hello and welcome to the first part of my guide to leveling a warlock! In this article I’m actually just going to cover the spells and abilities found at level 1. I’ve decided to do this guide (1-10) by video, because it’s more fun to watch a video than to read a really long article, although I’ll include a written write up of sorts alongside each video, to cover all bases. The guide will be written in several parts, dictated by the length and frequency of the videos.

NB: This guide, whilst explaining some terminology,¬†assumes you’re not new to the game and understand its basic principles.

So, level 1!

Now, at level 1 we have two basic spells.

The first of these is Shadow Bolt, a staple warlock spell which you’ll be using throughout your career. It’s a basic damage spell – you cast, the mob takes damage. Simple, eh?

The second spell is a self-buff called Demon Skin, which, when applied, gives us extra armour so we take less damage and an effect that means we get about 20% more health when we generate health through a spell – this will become more apparent later on, when we actually have such a spell. It lasts 30 minutes.

With regards to killing things, we have a small dagger which does about 3 damage and a big bad Shadow Bolt which does about 15. Guess what we’re gonna be using. At this level all you can do is spam SB really – and so that’s what we do.

See you at level 2!


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