Leveling a Warlock: Level 2

Right then, so, continuing my guide to leveling a warlock. In this article I’m going to cover the spells and abilities gained at level 2, and there is, like last time, a video accompanied by a written summary.

NB: This guide, whilst explaining some terminology, assumes you’re not new to the game and understand its basic principles.

Level 2 then!

So essentially at level 2 we learn 2 major things: A DoT (damage over time spell) and how to summon our first pet.

Immolate is a spell which does both DD (direct damage) and leaves a DoT on the enemy. By casting it at the start of the ‘rotation’ (it’s not much of one yet), this allows the DoT the maximum amount of time to harm the enemy, so we’re making full use of it.

Our first pet is the Imp, and this is obtained through the quest from your class trainer at level 2. Whilst the quest varies from race to race, the end result is always the same: Summon Imp. You can cast this and ten seconds later an imp will appear, who will then stay with you until either you die, he dies or you dismiss him. At level 2 he only knows one spell, as can be seen from either the Demon tab on the spell book or from the pet action bar which appears, and this is Firebolt, which is, similarly to our Shadow Bolt, just a damage spell. So while you go about casting Immolate and SB and other nasties, your imp can merrily trot along behind you and blow things up, which is really all an imp does. Good times.

Level 4 coming soon!


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