Leveling a Warlock: Level 8

Level 8!

NB: This guide, whilst explaining some terminology, assumes you’re not new to the game and understand its basic principles.

Now, at level 8 as a Warlock we’re going to learn two spells. Both of these are fairly well known Warlock spells, and you’ll use both as Demonology.

The first spell is Curse of Agony (CoA). This is a curse (like Curse of Weakness (CoW)) which you place on the enemy for an effect. In the case of CoA, it gives the enemy a DoT which deals damage over a period of time, starting off slowly and getting faster and more powerful. For this reason it’s especially important not to refresh this DoT before it expires, during longer fights, as most of the damage is dealt towards the end of the duration.

This spell, in conjunction with Corruption and Immolate, makes up the trio of DoTs which a Demo ‘lock will use most often – it’s rarely worth using CoW, as it’s better just to kill things faster with CoA. On that note, you can only cast one Curse on an enemy at once, per Warlock; casting a second will knock the first one off. If you have multiple Warlocks though, each one can cast a Curse on the same enemy.

Secondly, we learn Fear. When used, this will cause the opponent to ‘run in fear’ for a period of time (10 seconds at level 8), during which they can’t control their movement, cast spell, use abilities, or really do anything at all. This is great for keeping mobs away from you, as you won’t take damage if they’re not hitting you! You can only Fear one target at once, though. So when you’re jumped by more mobs than you can handle, a quick Fear onto one of them will lessen the damage you take and help keep you alive. Unless, of course, the feared mob runs into more mobs…

That’s the downside of this ability. If a mob is under the effects of fear, and it runs around and gets too close to another hostile mob, the second mob will very often aggro and attack you as well, just as if the first one had run away due to low health. For this reason, be careful about where you use Fear – generally, instances are a bad idea, due to the tightly packed mobs. Don’t worry about it when fighting another player though, as other players won’t exactly aggro other players – that would just be silly.

Until level 10, good luck Warlock-ing!


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