Of Mages, Midsummer and Mounts

Just some quick updates about what’s been going on with me, since I’m realising how impersonal this blog is when all I do is review patch notes and write guides!

So being bored of level 75 on my mage I decided to spice his life up by doing all the Midsummer fire quests – I don’t like Zul’Drak, and Sholozar only goes so far. After extinguishing and honouring my way across all of the Eastern Kingdoms and half of Kalimdor, I’d covered the 7 or so bars to 76, and after finishing Kalimdor, Outland and the 4 Horde cities, I was about 6 bars into that – the xp was very good, equivalent to a normal quest which might take much longer, and I enjoyed grabbing flight points and seeing some of the older areas for once.

From this I also netted around 250g and a huge 587 blossoms, which will probably go towards a pet as I don’t think I want the achievement on this guy. Following that I spent the rest of the day killing seemingly random animals in Sholozar and helping Mirtai configure DBM (God save us all), and eventually hit 77, which was undoubtedly the best level for him so far. Except perhaps for when I got Blink at 20 or something, ‘cos I’d been looking forward to that.

When he hit 77, I was sitting on exactly 28005g server-wide – the plan had been to get to 30000 before spending any just to say I’d had that amount, but the Cold Weather Flying Trainer looked at me with big puppy dog eyes and a few minutes later I was 6800g worse off after purchasing regular and epic flying, plus Cold Weather training.

Now I had been planning the mount I wanted upon reaching 77 for a very long time – the Magnificent Flying Carpet. It cost hundreds of gold to level the ridiculously expensive skill that is Tailoring, but all the mats were there ready and waiting for me, and 10 seconds of FRAPS later I had the ideal mage mount and I was zooming out of Dalaran and floating around Crystalsong testing it out. Next up, Storm Peaks and level 80!

On Veliaf, I’ve been running heroics with my guild every day for a week to attempt to gear up our members for our first guild WotLK raids, the first of which is going down tonight in the Obsidian Sanctum. We also have Naxx planned for tomorrow. Hopefully it will all run smoothly, even if we have to PuG some members, and at the very least we’ll finally see the fights together and get some experience (I’ve cleared all this content before, and even seen Ulduar a bit with some PuGs, but the guild is pretty casual and so we’re only just getting into the swing of things now). Planning the raids is also proving to be fun, as I don’t often get a chance to raid lead – if you’re lucky I might even post some of the Venn Diagrams I drew to work out which members were doing what! Darned dual-specs.

Additionally, Veliaf has also done the Fire Festival and got the achievement and accompanying title in about 2 hours, though in fairness he’d done many of the fires last year. Now that the bug seems to have been fixed (?) I might go back again to the others for blossoms, as doing the dailies won’t get enough for the pet, which I’d quite like – more pets means closer to the achievement for getting 50 after all. Certainly more useful than the brazier.

Anyway, I’ll be keeping you updated as to the raid progress and with any luck I’ll get that level 10 video done at some point. Hopefully this weekend, as I’m starting a job this Monday and then it’ll never get done.



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