A Quick Update

What the title said; I’m trying to post more regularly.

The raids with the guild actually went great, much better than expected. We finished OS with only one death – not wipe, death – and then recruited a disc priest who had been a PuG member, who seems very nice. Recruiting a healer is a big deal for my small guild! Naxx also went without a hitch, and we killed not only the planned Spider quarter, but also cleared out Plague, which was great considering half our people had never seen Heigan before. We’re hoping to start running things regularly now.

I got the Midsummer pet on Vel after going to the Northrend fires, which I was tipped off about by a commenter over on Darth’s blog. On my mage, I’ve also now got the pet, and as we speak I’m getting the brazier, having decided not to go for the title from the meta-achievement.

Didn’t get the leveling video done after all, it’ll be done soon. Unfortunately that’s a Blizzard-type soon… But I’ll have a job to keep me busy, which will be good, because I need money.

That does remind me – going to be buying the 16k gold mammoth soon (not a Blizzard trademarked soon, a real soon), as I finally decided that I’d be better choosing utility over aesthetics and good looks. Alas, the chopper will just have to wait.



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