Two continents, two hours; Two alts, two days

I didn’t manage to get onto WoW yesterday as RL intervened – went to a smashing concert starring some friends of mine, well done to them – so as I’m away Friday morning  to Sunday afternoon this weekend I’ve just realised I have approximately 5 hours to do all the fires on 2 of my alts – my druid and my paladin, at 71 and 73 respectively. Fun times…

With respect to that, I’m bringing you this live from the docks of Azuremyst Isle, where I’m wishing the boat would hurry up so I can go do the rest of Kalimdor and then move onto my paladin. I have fires to be burning myself on!

In other news, this means I’ll be finishing my leveling guide next week sometime, though I will make it a priority. It also means I’ll have missed a week’s worth of dailies when I get back, so the mammoth is on hold for a short time. I’m pretty sure it means other things too, potentially deep and meaningful things, but I can’t think of any right off the bat because this heatwave is draining my soul even more effectively than my warlock does others. Also, I’ve been sat in an office programming software all day and hence I’m pretty tired. The job is going great though!

Have a good weekend folks,



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