A Mammoth Achievement


As if the title of the post and the above screenshot weren’t enough – I got the mammoth!  It ripped a hole in the fabric of time and space my virtual wallet which I’ll probably never fill again, but on the other hand, I’m now riding a mount with repair, food, drink and reagent vendors, which couldn’t be better.
I suspect its true worth will show when I start farming places like ZG for rep (going for the Exalted title, 17 factions to go…) or when I resume farming Stratholme for the mount there – I’ll never have to sell greys to free up inventory space again! That second part ought to be useful no matter what I’m doing though. Additionally, I have constant repairs and that could be very good for raids. The mount has also proved to be good for ferrying the alts of guildies, as shown below – in particular, no more waiting for them to run from Southshore to SM when boosting; now I can just let them hop onto the back of my mount and it’ll be twice as fast!
So as I said I haven’t had such little gold since the days of TBC, and it’s only going to get worse once I buy the epic flying for my paladin, but once that’s done I can start building up again and hopefully get the motorcycle, which is the other thing I really want. At least with 3.2 the epic flying will be cheaper slightly… But I’ll stop moaning. Stay tuned!

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