So as mentioned in my last post, my guild successfully completed Naxxramas last weekend. I use the term ‘my guild’ liberally since actually only 4 of the group were from the guild, but it was considered a guild run nevertheless, and we did recruit one or two of the PuG members afterwards as it happened.

We started as usual on the Saturday evening, and managed to pull a group together pretty quickly despite a lack of healers. At this point I was expecting to do the Spider quarter and perhaps the Plague quarter, but after completing both with only one wipe (Heigan, but it was on 7%, so we were close) very quickly, we thought we might as well continue.

Choosing Construct next (because I didn’t have a clue about Military and semi-hoped to avoid it, since I was raid-leading), we got Patchwerk down in good time. I also noticed at this point quite how much Mirtai’s dps had come on since she started her self-improvement tirade, as I think she got to 3rd on the Recount meter!

WWS Parse

We then went and got Grobbulus down, closely, and ran into Gluth pretty happily, despite our Retridin not really wanting to kite. As it happened, he did fine; the issue was when Gluth was on 19% health with 40 seconds of the fight left before the hard enrage. Did we give up? Nope, we hit the enrage, carried on, burned every cooldown in and out of the book, spam healed the tanks and got him down about a minute later, which was honestly awesome.

Then we wiped on pre-Thaddius trash, which was a downer.

At Thaddius himself, both mini-bosses went down simultaneously as planned, and we all jumped across. Well I say ‘all’ – I do in fact mean ‘most’, because being a fool I missed it completely and had to run all the way back up. I made it the second time though, and luckily didn’t cross any charges. My fault for forgetting the wise words of Nick Whelan, eh?

Unbelievably (and despite the late hour) we proposed to attempt to finish, because the mood was that we’d come too far to give up. So we went and did Razuvious on the second try. We did wipe the first time around but it was only because the tank hadn’t done the fight before, which was fair enough.

Gothik was good fun; ignoring everyone else, who was advising otherwise, I did it my way (cue singing) and we all stood on the live side until the dam burst and a tsunami-like wave of undead came rushing through the open gates to be met by a Rain of Fire, 3 Consecrations, a Death and Decay, a Fan of Knives and a Volley. They never stood a chance.

Unfortunately the night ended on Four Horsemen – I’d admitted by this point that leading through Military was proving hard for me (thank goodness Gothik worked or I’d have looked really stupid) but no-one else knew the final fight any better than I did, so we gave it a good try but it just didn’t happen that evening.

The next day, Sunday, we did Obsidian Sanctum as planned during the early afternoon (it went fine),  and then decided to go and try to finish up Naxx. Again there was a lack of healers, but we found a nice Shaman who thankfully knew 4H very well, and we got it on the third attempt that day.

Moving on to Sapphiron, and after assuring one or two people that there was actually going to be a boss there once we walked in, we narrowly killed her (him?) – as she (he?) died, I went down along with several others, as all our healers handily ran out of mana, but it was a kill nevertheless, and congratulations to the Paladin who took home the key.

Finally, we came to the big man Kel’Thuzad himself. At least I knew what to tell people to do here! He went down on the first go, but only thanks to our amazing main tank, who tanked both KT and the adds for a good third of the fight when our off-tank disconnected at a rather inopportune moment.

After that, as we were looting, there was a rather amusing incident in chat when a PuG member asked if our guild raided Ulduar – see the following chat log below (names blanked for privacy):

Raid chat funny

All in all it was a great weekend of raiding for the guild, and a couple of screenshots can be seen below. I did catch Mirtai graffiti-ing ‘Mir w0z ere 2k9‘ on the throne though; tut tut.

I’m away this coming week camping (not with Phil unfortunately) so I don’t know if there’ll be a post up until next weekend when I’m starting NaBloPoMo, but if one does go up it means I’ve successfully worked out how to set a post to publish itself at a preset time, which will be an achievement.


Mir and Vel in Naxx

Mir and Vel in Naxx 2


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