My Podcasts

So today I’m going to talk about the various podcasts I’m subscribed to (about WoW) on iTunes. All of them are free, and I suggest you listen to at least two episodes of one before you judge it. Oh, and they’re not in any order except that which they appear in iTunes in.

1. First up is All Things Azeroth by Medros and Graece. This is a fairly generic podcast about WoW, covering all the latest news and goings on both in-game and about it.

2. Next is The Instance, a very old and famous podcast from Scott Johnson. Again, this covers all the happenings from the World of Warcraft, and the podcast can be quite humorous at times.

3. Third, Outlandish, which is actually one of my favourites. They often do sketches of advertisements, parodies of songs and other such funnies, while discussing all things WoW.

4. The Rawrcast is another well-known podcast by Stompalina and Hafrot. They talk about a healthy mixture of their WoW lives, such as their guild and friends, and the newest developments in the game.

5. World of Warcast is also on the list, brought to us by Starman and Renata. Similar to All Things Azeroth, it’s a show which covers a lot of things, though they occasionally do specialized episodes, such as one about the Midsummer Fire Festival.

6. Next, we have the WoW Insider show by the staff from, previously This is also a personal favourite, as it can be very funny, although they sometimes don’t cover as much as other podcasts. Still, who doesn’t love Turpster?

7. Yet Another World of Warcraft Podcast (YAWOWP) requires a certain sense of humour to enjoy, but is very funny although admittedly not always specifically WoW-related. It can also be quite specific, but is definitely worth a listen in my opinion.

8. The YoGPoD is the podcast from the YOGSCAST team, famous for their ‘guide’ videos to various things. As with the above, it can sometimes run off on a complete tangent (I do recall one episode entirely being one of the team members reading some chapters of a book) but it’s often hilarious nevertheless.

9. Last but not least is the Doghouse podcast from Doghouse Systems. While it’s not strictly about WoW, this is a fantastic show all about tech and gadget news, mixed in with news from their company (they build gaming computer systems specifically for games like WoW).

I’m sure there are many others out there – indeed, I know there are – but these are the ones I follow and try to listen to regularly. Are there any you listen to that you think I might like? Leave a comment!



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