My Must-See Machinima Movies

Today, on the eve of patch 3.2 (EU player, remember?), I’m going to showcase some of the best WoW machinima movies I know of, because obviously it’s a relevant topic to the patch… I’ll discuss the game and things tomorrow, or something. Also note that by movies I mean cinematic machinima, not music video machinima – that comes later. As previously, these movies are not necessarily listed in order.

1. The first movie I want to share is the (now pretty old) Return. Whilst we still haven’t seen any more of the sequel than the trailer, and I don’t think we actually will ever see another film, RufusCubed have here created a brilliant story with the potential to only get better. I also believe the music was an original composition specifically for the production, which is even more impressive, as it’s exactly right.

2. Next is a more recent movie, this time set to music as opposed to using voice-overs. This movie achieved fame a few months ago, and really lit up the web with its fantastic action scenes, simple story line, sharp editing and music which fits the video brilliantly, despite being a pre-existing song which has nothing to do with WoW. I do, of course, mean one of my favourite ever WoW movies: The Craft of War: BLIND, by Percula.

3. A little less serious – well, a lot less serious – is Crossing Over from lagspikefilms. A very amusing video about an adventurer trying to find his way around Azeroth, I really enjoyed this film, even if it’s not the best out there.

4. Here, I’m going to link to the first video of the series, but I have never seen a better run of episodes and I urge you to watch them all; they only get better. Some truly brilliant moments can be found in what can only be:  Dude, Where’s My Mount?. I also feel obliged to point out the intro for each episode, which I really, really like.

5. Lastly on my list (which I unfortunately need to keep short or I’d be here for hours listing good films) is the Glory of the Raider cinematic film from the TankSpot team, which while not necessarily a great piece of machinima, uses a basic plot about an adventurer in order to show off the WotLK raid bosses in a very clean and smooth way. Especially nice was the way they incorporated the boss voices.

Like I said, there are many other good movies that come to mind, and many other famous artists I didn’t mention. But I could only pick 5 – perhaps I’ll feature more in the future. For the next few days I’m liable to talk about the patch content; I wasn’t expecting to have to just yet, but it sort of snuck up on us, and afterwards I’ll return to the schedule and do a few articles on such things as music machinima, my favourite blogs, and so on.

Until next time,



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