Patch 3.2

First off, before I say anything to do with the patch at all, I’d like to congratulate Michelle, the author of the very good Fel Fire blog, on getting engaged – hopefully she and her fiance will have a great life together!

Now then.

A lot of the 3.2 Warlock changes have been covered by me before, here. However, in addition to those there are a couple of other things which need a mention.

Improved Shadowbolt has been changed slightly – the debuff is applied differently (it now has a chance to be applied rather than applying right away) but otherwise the effect is the same. Except for one small, overlooked feature – it will now increase the damage done by all shadow spells, meaning if this is on the mob all of our DoTs will benefit, etc. This is actually quite nice, and a subtle buff to our class, although bear in mind that this debuff probably won’t stack and so if there are multiple Warlocks using Shadow Bolt it will get used up very quickly.

Another small change that no one seems to have noticed (including me until recently) is the alteration to Shadowflame, which increases the size of the ‘cone’ area that the spell hits, bringing it in line with other similarly-shaped spells. It’s hardly a game breaking change, but you might just clip that moving Rogue now after all.

And honestly? That’s about it. All in all, there really is nothing huge going down for us as Warlocks specifically, despite our many (and in places, pretty serious) flaws. PvP survivability, I’m looking at you. Still, I’m not one to complain too much, especially as the patch consisted mainly of buffs. While we’re here however, let’s take a gander at a few of the other patch features we might or might not be interested in.

Obviously first up is the new instance/raid combo brought to us in the form of the Crusader’s Coliseum. Worldwide Personal opinions about jousting aside, the instance does look kind of fun, and while I won’t give away spoilers, I like cutscene/lore moments, of which there seem to be a couple. The new emblem system will also of course make it easier to get gear, good for all you newly-leveled Warlocks out there (psst, raid as Demo), and the raid itself will drop the Tier 9 and equivalent gear which will make you look identical to a mage or priest be better gear than what you have now, which is all good.

We also have the Isle of Conquest, the new 40-man battleground with airships, cannons, fortresses, tanks and other such warlike things. Myself, I don’t really like the vehicle system at all, and the novel idea of assaulting a keep with tanks wore off after Strand of the Ancients, but in fairness I haven’t played the BG and it might be awesome, so I’ll give you my informed opinion when I have one.

I’m also going to point out the new Druid forms to anyone who hasn’t heard about them, because they look a heck of a lot better than the old ones did. They also might be swaying me to respec my Druid back to Feral for leveling – I want to be Resto, so went Balance for leveling ease (Resto and Balance can share a lot of gear before the end game and still do decently) but I’m not really enjoying it. I did up to 70 as Feral and liked that a lot more, so maybe I should just bite the bullet and have two gear sets. Anyway, I’ll finally be able to try out the Flying Bear Technique.

I won’t discuss the profession changes, because I know very little about them, and the only other major happening is the changes to mounts and leveling, which you can read about on Darth’s blog here and on here.

Anyway, don’t just listen to me ramble on about it; go enjoy 3.2 for yourselves right now!



2 Responses to “Patch 3.2”

  1. Elleiras Says:

    Aww, thank you. ❤

    I'm with you on druid leveling, by the way. I leveled from 1-72 as feral, then decided to try resto/balance on for size — and promptly discovered why balance druids are called "oomkin." I'm back to feral now, too, and really enjoying my new cat form. But, ugh! My mangle finger hurts.

    • veliaf Says:

      You’re welcome – I had no idea you read this though!

      Yeah, it’s not necessarily that I go oom a lot (though I do), I’m just not a fan of the play style i.e spam Wrath and/or Starfire. Now in fairness it could be that I’m inexperienced and just don’t understand the spec that well, but I feel so much more comfortable with a cat and Prowl and the beloved Mangle. Time to go get that second set of gear I guess.

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