The aftermath

Now that 3.2 has hit, also hitting is the inevitable wave of bug fixes and glitches which follows any game patch. A curious one which has occurred for me – I don’t know if anyone else has been affected by this – is shown below: all the Blizzard UI frames for everything from the launcher to the character screen to the game world seem to have vanished! The text for the buttons, headers, textboxes, etc, is all there, but the graphics for the frame borders themselves are gone, which is rather inconvenient, especially as it affects action bars, the character pane, and all that jazz. I’ve tried repairing WoW and resetting all the usual files and folders to no avail, plus I’ve updated my addons, so I’m led to believe that it’s either my computer or the patch itself.

An odd glitch

An odd glitch

Anyway, to occupy the time while we wait for such issues to be resolved, I’m going to link and/or post a few random things which make me smile.

After reading, I feel obliged to list a couple of great jokes I’ve found.

  • Q: How many GMs does it take to change a lightbulb? A: None, it’s working as intended!
  • “Your mother’s so fat, I don’t need hit rating to hit her.”
  • “Your mother’s so fat, every time she gets BoK Northrend sinks a foot deeper into the ocean.”

Many other hilarious in-context screenshots and such things at their website!

While reading some comments on a site (forget which one now), I also came across this beauty – click on it and watch for full effect:

Nobody likes 'First' posters...

Nobody likes 'First' posters...

Do you read Dark Legacy Comics? If not, why not? They’re funny, easy to pick up even if you’re halfway into a mini-series and new ones are out regularly. The link is to the latest version because they don’t really have a home page, but you can scroll backwards and things.

I’ll have a proper post tomorrow, I promise!



2 Responses to “The aftermath”

  1. Rhinne Says:

    Have you tried launching the game with no addons at all in the install folder?

    I’ve had a couple of issues since the patch with addons, and updating them can only make them worse as most addon updates are in beta until the developers have chance to fully test them with the working 3.2 live environment.

    Just cut/paste the addons folder out and store it elsewhere for now and see if that works – and of course the obligatory WTF and Cache folders.

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