My Must-See Music Machinima

Continuing the series of posts I’m writing about my WoW life and interests, I’m today going to cover 5 of my favourite music machinima pieces, which is to say, machinima based around music written specifically for the video, about WoW.

1. A very famous example of music machinima is the first mention for today, and while I imagine everyone must have heard of it and/or seen it, I’m going to link regardless – it’s Big Blue Dress by Cranius, of course, which tells the story of a Mage who feels a bit down about his PvP gear essentially being a dress. The lyrics and tune are awesome, and set the tone for many great Cranius videos which have followed.

2. Now, Nyhm is a renowned machinimator with a myriad of songs he’s parodied, but unfortunately I can’t link them all. What I can do is recommend that you watch any and all of his videos, all of which are on his Youtube account. For today however I’m just going to link my favourite, which narrowly is Just Loot It, and I can’t help but also mention Pwnage Like Us, which features Nyhm along with several other artists (including Gigi, who narrowly mentioned being explicitly mentioned on here) and is extremely well done.

3. Honour Killz from the Azerothian6 is one of the best machinima videos I’ve seen in a very long time – and yes, I mentioned this group the other day. The quality of this video is extremely high, comparable to the quality of the lyrics. Rarely am I so impressed!

4. From comes the most thrilling, most epic, most ridiculous song and accompanying machinima the world has ever known. Speak of it frequently, and when you do speak of it, remember Turpster, BRK and all the other members of the blog team. For no-one else could bring is anything as epic as the WoW Insider Song! Video by NinthBatter.

5. Now, I’ll admit I took a while deciding whether or not to feature this video, as the music was not technically written for the video, nor is it originally about the game no matter how well it fits. Still, it’s my blog, and I feel the match is close enough that I’m allowed to feature Wrought. The video was created by Cranius (see above) and LegsMachinima, and the music is from a band called Peratus, who I rather like. So while it’s perhaps not true WoW music machinima, sit back and enjoy a fantastic song and video.

I suppose it’s true that many of these artists are similar, or work closely together, and it’s also true that there is other great music machinima out there – however, these are my favourites, and I did try my hardest to select 5 different people or groups to showcase.



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