NaBloPoMo continues

This weekend I’m actually away again, i.e. as you read this, I may not even be at home. It’s as if I’m posting from beyond the grave, muhahaha- wait, what? What do you mean I made that joke last time? Darn it, recycled jokes just aren’t as funny.

Anyhow, I am actually away, visiting family elsewhere in the country, and so I can’t really post about anything time-sensitive in advance, such as patch information or indeed things to do with the game. That’s my excuse for not posting properly today, but post I have!

A week into NaBloPoMo, and it’s not proving as hard as I expected actually. While posting each and every day doesn’t leave me hours of time to do everything else I’d like to get done, I’ve not been wanting to play WoW a huge amount anyway, since I’m really feeling quite burnt-out at the moment. Hence, I’m not missing too much by blogging all the time, and additionally it is nice to know that you’re providing content for people to read regularly – I know I appreciate blogs who post every one or two days more than those which only update once a week, and I’m more likely to follow them too.

I feel pretty confident that I can keep it up, and that I won’t have to cheat again like I am now and write the post in advance – when you’re away with no internet, this unfortunately is the only workaround, but normally I do actually write a post a day, which is why they’re always out so late in the evenings!

Oh, and anyone wishing to leave comments, feel free, it’s not prohibited! Ideas, opinions, spam*, whatever you want to write.


*Spam will be deleted, obviously, but I won’t stop you from wasting time writing it.

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One Response to “NaBloPoMo continues”

  1. Vahan Says:

    It’s an unusual time to be burnt out, with the release of 3.2. I’ve been uber-impressed by normal ToTC, and still haven’t tried out the new battleground. Ah well, at any rate, it’s less than a fortnight till Blizzcon, where they’ll doubtless be plenty of joyful new content announced.

    Oh and to save me commenting twice, might I suggest the HowIWow podcast on top of your others?

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