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As promised, today we shall delve into the depths of my RSS and take a quick peek at the WoW blogs / websites I follow each and every day. They’re in no particular order except that which I check them in, and they’ll all worth reading. Now, onwards!

1. The first thing I check is my guild website – a quick browse over the forums and any new news articles each day keeps me up to date, and occasionally I’ll post to either of the aforementioned places. Nothing particularly interesting here anyway!

2. Next, I read, aka WoW Insider. I think I must read almost every post on there to be honest, except for a couple of class columns about classes I don’t play. Regardless, it’s a great website for guides, news and the latest updates, and often you can get a good laugh from the articles too, which is important unless you’re some kind of Elitist Jerk

3. Third on the list is the official EU website for WoW, not that there’s much to read there! Still, it’s worth a customary glance incase something is mentioned that I haven’t heard about.

4. After this I visit Project Lore, where the team there produces some great, casual videos about the game. Especially enjoyable, in my mind, was their series of videos where they rerolled Horde and went to do Deadmines, and indeed this series is being featured again currently on their main page since they’re taking a slight break from movie making right now.

5. WoW Alone is a great blog from Darth Solo, which I really enjoy reading, although I don’t comment as much as I ought to. It gives me a very different perspective of the game, as Darth is all about playing the game solo, and additionally he (I do assume it’s a he) plays a hunter, a class I’ve never leveled very high, so it’s interesting to hear about how they do things, too.

6. Wearing Black in the Back is an admittedly infrequently updated blog by Nick Whelan, who recently stopped writing the Warlock column over at I followed his previous blog, which I greatly enjoyed, and so followed him when he moved – unfortunately there hasn’t been a post recently, but nevertheless the archived material is worth a look, and I live in hope of it being revived.

7. The well-established Paladin Schmaladin, which is now written by a team of four writers, is one of the best Paladin blogs out there, and indeed I’d highly recommend it to anyone. Not all the posts are just about Paladins; there are some random things in there too, much like this blog, although I don’t think I come anywhere close to their standards! My only qualm is that they still have not finished their Prot Paladin guides (my Paladin’s only spec for 73 levels has been Prot) but it’s a great site nevertheless.

8. Getting back to some more Warlock-orientated blogs, I then read Warlock Therapy by Jagoex, which is both informative and fun to read, although similar to Whelan’s blog it isn’t updated very frequently.

9. After this I go to ShadowAshey, where looks are deceiving – the blog hasn’t been updated in months (I’m waiting) but he’s still actively producing videos on Youtube, and so hopefully the blog will also get posted to again soon.

10. The next website I check unfortunately seems to have stopped updating, but I was hugely enjoying Defeat Dragons – their material, honestly, was fantastic for learning about managing and team building, and I really wish they’d start writing again. Thankfully, what they’ve said in the past is essentially timeless, so we can always peruse the archives.

11. Slice and Dice, the Rogue blog from Samueltempus, is not only updated frequently, but is helpful and useful at that. While my Rogue might only be about level 43, I’ve found his guides to rotations, specs and abilities very handy, and I know I’ve recommended them on more than one occasion.

12. NinthBatter doesn’t update very often, but when he does it’s usually to show off his latest video, which completely makes it worth checking the blog every day. In fact, Safari crashed when I was writing this paragraph, so it was probably from the awesomeness.

13. I’ve mentioned Fel Fire before, but this time I’m here talking about the blog itself, which is very well written and a nice break from all the informative blogs I read, as it’s more casually written about the author’s own experiences, which is refreshing. Check it out!

14. Fourteenth, I check Gevlon’s blog, Greedy Goblin. While the spelling and grammar is atrocious and makes me weep inwardly, the substance itself makes it worth reading, so I stomach it. Despite my tears, it is admittedly a good read, and one which is updated almost every day.

15. For my dosage of WoW lore, I then go to Lorecrafted. All I can say is I wish the author posted more, as the content is amazing and incredibly well written, and the speculation on the next patch was amazing. In fairness, the blog has been part of a lore contest recently, so they might have been busy.

16. Rhinne’s second WoW blog, Warcraft Witterings, is also a nice casual read, not dissimilar to Fel Fire, and it’s nice to know that someone out there other than myself has alts below the endgame level! An enjoyable read.

17. Seventeenth (I do follow a lot of blogs, don’t I?) is WoW Bash, which might not be a blog, technically, but is definitely worth checking each and every day, because 90% of statistics are made up but 98% of their posted content is hilarious. It’s not suitable for work at times – often, roleplaying goes horribly wrong – but if you can shield the screen and try to laugh quietly, go for it.

18. Last but not least is Just My Two Copper. While I haven’t been following it for very long, what I’ve seen so far is informative and relevant, while being well written, and I’ve already begun digging through previous posts. Additionally, videos are produced pretty regularly for Youtube, which are a good watch.

Eighteen blogs later, I move onto the ones I follow which aren’t WoW-related, but I shan’t bore you with those. Hopefully you can check out some of the above and enjoy them for yourselves; feel free to suggest any blogs you really enjoy too!

Until next time,



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