Impressions of 3.2

Well, patch 3.2 has been out for just over a week and now that I’ve finally been able to get on and try some of the new features out, I’m going to talk about my first impressions.

So the first thing I did was the new Northrend Children’s Week event, due to the limited time period it’s available for. In terms of quests and story, it’s pretty much the same as all the other Children’s Week events. You pick a Wolvar or a Gorloc, and take them to see the various sights of Northrend, they enjoy it, you get a hint of lore and then you get a pet at the end.Awwwwww...

Personally I chose Roo, the Gorloc, because I have something against the Wolvar ever since they made me their slave, and also they’re real bullies, which I dislike. Did you see they way they were treating Roo in Dalaran!

Anyway, off we went to the World Tree, which was uneventful, and then to the Bronze Dragonshrine – here, Roo met his future self (much as we have done) and you get the hint that suggests he’ll one day be important and famous. Not at all dissimilar to the kid you take to the Caverns of Time who almost gets attacked by guards – I think it’s the Blood Elf.

The next two location visits were very very cute – at the Winterfin Retreat, Roo danced with a murloc (who put on a top hat and cane!) and then my favourite was the Wyrmrest Temple; Roo asked Alexstraza why she wasn’t a dragon, and when she said there wouldn’t be any room left in the temple if she was, he turned around, covered his eyes and asked ‘How about now?’. It was probably the only time I’ve ever actually felt attached to one of these orphans.

We also went to the Waygate in Sholozar, and then back to the Dalaran toy shop for a paper zeppelin – remember to buy the small and cheap one! Unfortunately I then had to give Roo back, but I got a Gorloc pet in the mail which I can treasure.

Also introduced this patch was the Isle of Conquest, and while I’ve only been a few times, I do have some thoughts about it.

  • It’s really, really laggy. Now, in fairness my laptop which I play from is awful, but comparative to other BGs and areas, it’s almost as bad as Dalaran in places, which makes playing it less enjoyable. It could be down to the high detail of the area.
  • The glaive throwers are awesome. Really. They look great, they do a heck of a lot of damage to players as intended, and it’s about time we saw some in action.
  • The terrain looks good – barely any of it has been recycled, so all the textures are new, and the keeps especially are a new design. In particular, I felt the quarry looked good very good.
  • The airship feature is better than expected and works well. I had this idea in my mind of an airship where you’d get on, ride it like a taxi, be dropped off the side at a set point, and then have to float down a predetermined path before you landed in a predetermined spot. Actually, what happens is you can teleport onto it from the hangar so you don’t have to wait for it, you’re free to move about the ship and there are cannons you can man to fire down onto the enemy keep, and you simply jump off the side whenever you want to parachute down, which I felt was the best thing.
  • The different bases give a buff to siege damage – maybe I missed this in the patch notes, but I was pleasantly pleased.
  • The matches don’t take too long. They haven’t lasted over twenty minutes for me yet.

Ultimately? For me, it’s very much like Strand of the Ancients. It’s there, it’s certainly playable, and I might do it sometimes for a change or for the marks of honour, but it doesn’t match up to the other battlegrounds. This might be due to my hatred strong dislike of vehicles – I really just like hand to hand combat, it’s what the game is based on – but nevertheless, you’ll be more likely to find me in Alterac or Arathi than on the Isle.

The Isle of Conquest map

The Isle of Conquest map

Continuing with the patch’s new features, I’m here giving an insider tip to anyone with Herbalism and Alchemy right now – it’s absolutely possible to make a shed-load of cash out of the new epic gem transmutes, even without grinding the mats. Now, you might be like me and have Eternal Life coming out of your ears, but even if you don’t, they and the other eternals are very easy to grind.

Going on the AH prices for my server, I could theoretically buy an Autumn’s Glow for 30g, an Eternal Life for 10g, transmute them together into a King’s Amber and sell that Amber back on the AH for about 130g, netting me a 90g profit. If I already have the eternals (as I do), that’s 100g profit. If my transmutation mastery procs, that’s 200g (it usually only makes one extra item). The best part is, it’s exactly the same for all the other new transmutes too, although of course Auction House prices may vary.

What I haven’t done yet is visit the new instance, the Trial of the Champion, or “ToC”. This is largely due to not having left a decent amount of time for finding groups, but it has to be said that for something only a week old, people on my server at least don’t really seem to be swarming to do it as you’d expect. So I’ll be writing about my experiences there once I’ve actually been.

With regard to the Warlock changes, nothing is ground-breaking or even very noticeable, although the reduced Fel Domination cooldown is very welcome and I’m making full use of it.

I reckon that’s about it for today. Time for me to go grab some unsuspecting friends and get into this instance!



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