Reflections upon reflections

Every once in a while, you come across something you just have to share with the world.

David Bowers, the columnist for All The World’s A Stage over at, this morning posted an absolutely beautiful post, which can be found here. Please, go and read it even if you do nothing else, because it may well enlighten you as it has myself and many others already.

This article is possibly the only ever online article I’ve read about a game which has brought tears to my eyes. I’ll let you read it in its full emotional magnificence for yourselves, and then I just want to recognize it for the work of art it is.

Firstly, my condolences go out to David, and I wish him the best in these hard times. It’s amazing that he can view an event like the death of his mother with such depth and perspective, let alone that he can write about it in such an eloquent and poetic manner.

Equally amazing is the outpouring of feelings displayed in the multitudes of comments on the article. So many people, none of whom will know David in real life and probably none of whom have ever even met in him the game, have sent their best wishes, blessings and even prayers, and some have also related their own experiences in order to help comfort him and ease his pain.

The great thing is, this show of what can only be termed affection or care proves that what the article talks about is 100% correct. While I can’t do it justice in the slightest with a summary, the base point is that WoW is not just a game, but a way of bonding with others, experiencing beauty, and crafting memories and relationships which can and will last forever.

I know that the next time someone tells me that WoW is ‘just a waste of time’ or whenever someone asks why I spend so much time playing it or writing about it, I will be pointing them to this post, so that they can understand, because it’s true – more than anything I play for my guild and my friends in the game, as I suspect many people do. Getting good loot, running raids, earning achievements… None of it matters if you can’t share it, whether at the time because someone is there with you or whether later via screenshots and videos.

Some of the best and most memorable moments of my WoW career have been with friends and/or guild-mates, and for that I thank them.

I’m going to leave you with just the last paragraph of his post:

WoW is not an escape from life, it is a reflection of it. It is a journey we walk with our friends, and a memory we carry with us when we log out and come back to the real world. Make it something that you can remember with a smile, not because you played a game, but because you played it with fun, beauty, and kindness for everyone who played along with you. Any hobby you have can and should be, part of a life worth living.”



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