Thrall and the Guardians of Tirisfal

Welcome back to der Hexenmeister, where we have another lore related post. Today, Veliaf expresses his outrage at one of the speculations about the new expansion.

Let’s get right into this while I still have my angry face on. One of the potential changes for Cataclysm listed by MMO-Champion is as follows:

“Malfurion Stormrage will be returning to Azeroth to aid in the creation of the new Guardian of Tirisfal – Thrall!”

Now, where to begin with my reasons for thinking this is absolute rubbish? I guess first up we can look at the Guardians of Tirisfal and examine their history in more detail, and then I’ll dissect the rest of the above statement.

Basically, the Guardian of Tirisfal is a single champion selected by the Council of Tirisfal, which was originally founded by the highest ranking Elves of Silvermoon, to fight against the Burning Legion and protect the world against evil. The champions all had to be powerful Mages themselves, amongst other criteria, but they were then imbued with even more power, both from the Council members and from the Sunwell. There is only ever one at a time, and to create a new champion the previous one must pass their powers on, be stripped of them (which cannot happen if all the Council members are dead) or be killed by the person hoping to become the new Guardian. The last champion was technically Medivh, although obviously he never really used his powers for good since he was possessed by Sargeras.

As you might be sensing already, there are some reasons here which stand out already that make it very unlikely that the next champion, if there ever will be one, will be Thrall. Firstly, Thrall is a Shaman, not a Mage, and so doesn’t understand the arcane in the way a Guardian needs to. He also probably isn’t powerful enough with the magic he does have – he never even uses it for one thing. Also, for Thrall to inherit the Guardian powers, he needs one of three things to happen. He can’t kill the previous champion, because Medivh is dead. He can’t have the power passed onto him, because Medivh is dead. And while Jaina Proudmoore and Aegwynn, Medivh’s mother and a former champion, along with a couple of other people have started what they call a new Council, they don’t have the Sunwell (hardly friendly territory) or the previous powers to give to Thrall, meaning he’d only get portions of their power, which would be nowhere near enough to bring him up to an appropriate level.

Putting aside the above technicalities for a moment, let’s talk about Thrall himself. As mentioned he doesn’t have the power nor the background to become a champion, and even if he wanted to, I doubt very much he would give up his position as the leader of the Horde, especially to someone like Garrosh Hellscream (see the MMO-Champion post). Thrall is a realist going on pacifist, and he definitely does not want a war with the Alliance, especially in light of all the threats from various evil entities like the Lich King, the Legion, the myriad of Old Gods still alive and creatures like Azshara or Deathwing. Handing over control of five (soon six) races to an Orc who is truly spoiling for a fight with Varian in particular, when Varian would be only too happy to fight back, would be disastrous.



Let’s look at the original quoted statement again. We’ll discuss Malfurion in a second, but we’ve now firmly established that not only would it be a near impossibility for someone to become a new Guardian, but the candidate – Thrall – is extremely unlikely.

The part which probably annoys me most here is the mention of Malfurion Stormrage. Not that the chap particularly annoys me or anything, but why would HE be the one to create a new Guardian of Tirisfal? Right off the bat he’s a Druid, not a Mage, and the magic is not the same in the least. There are much more qualified people out there, for example even Jaina if nobody else! It would also be a bad idea for Malfurion to participate in giving power to Thrall even if he could – when a Mage of the Council gives power to the champion, they lose it permanently until the champion dies or has their power removed, and weakening Malfurion would be plain silly when the next set of events on Azeroth are more than likely going to involved Druidic things like the Maelstrom, flooding and possibly the Emerald Dream. Speaking of which, Stormrage has been lost in the Dream for years upon years now, and is evidently either trapped inside or extremely occupied with trying to sort out the corruption.

On top of everything else, there’s one other small detail – the Guardians of Tirisfal were empowered so that they may fight the Burning Legion, and there is no mention of the Legion in the next expansion. It’s all about Azshara, Deathwing and perhaps the influence of an Old God driving them both, but even that might be far-fetched yet. But demons? Sargeras? Kil’jaeden? Anything the Guardian might be effective against? Nope!



3 Responses to “Thrall and the Guardians of Tirisfal”

  1. Tom Says:

    what about the tomb of sargy at the bottom of the maelstrom?

    • veliaf Says:

      The majority of the evil of the Tomb was destroyed when Illidan brought it down on top of Maiev – there isn’t much there now, although it used to be full of nasty demons who kept themselves to themselves even after Gul’dan raised and opened the Tomb.

      However the ruins of the Tomb and surrounding city are actually on the Broken Isles to the east of the Maelstrom.

  2. Cairne Says:

    While I agree that Thrall is a silly candidate for Guardianship, and someone like Jaina would be a much better choice, what with her being a) an extremely gifted Archmage, and b) Garrosh being the Horde’s Warchief is a horrible, HORRIBLE choice on Thrall’s part, your facts are incorrect.

    Thrall is to Shamen what Jaina or Malfurion is to Magi or Druids respectively; he’s incredibly powerful. He’s the reason that Durnholde (which is actually a full town as well as the keep, not like its weak-ass representation in WoW) is in such a state of disrepair; he caused the earthquake that wrecked much of the place by himself (discounting the elemental spirits, anyways). Also, the Sunwell HAS been recovered in lore, and even in game, with the Quel’Delar quest chain and all, the raid’s still there because some crazy people might want to raid it. While the council and Guardians were originally created to combat the Legion, they’re effectively omnipotent… it doesn’t just end with the Legion, they could bend their powers to whatever task they wanted. And finally, the new council’s made up of druids, shamen and priests as well as mages now; it was decided they needed input from the divine casters as well as the arcane, so technically (though I’d still support Jaina for it over Thrall) a shaman would be perfectly eligible.

    All this, however, is made moot by the fact that I could have sworn Medivh and Garona’s son was taking over Guardianship…

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