In approximately one hour and twenty minutes, the official Blizzcon opening ceremony will begin. I didn’t purchase the live feed for myself because not only would it be streaming throughout the night (and goodness knows, I need my beauty sleep) but I don’t feel it’s worth the money since I’ll get everything from, MMO-Champion, and indeed every other blog under the sun. I do however, really wish I’d said ‘Oh, to hell with work and other real life commitments, and never mind the extortionate cost’ and just gone to Anaheim. Having seen the meet-up photos, and knowing what’s going to be going on at the convention, I really wish I was there!

However, I’m not, and I shall have to live with it. I’ll make up for it by blogging excessively about it for a few days instead. While I’m not one to follow the crowd, as I realize everyone is going to talk about this too, it’s too awesome not to discuss, and there will be lots of tasty tidbits and revelations and news to yell about report on.

Stay tuned!


P.S. Two thirds of the way through NaBloPoMo and it’s going strong!


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