NaBloPoMo completed!

One month ago, on August 1st, I decided to embark upon NaBloPoMo, the National Blog Posting Month event, where the idea is to post an article each and every day for a month. I’m happy to announce that with this post, on August 31st, I’ve successfully completed the event!

Generally, posting an article every day hasn’t been too hard. I haven’t really struggled for content – only once or twice – and so the trickiest part was often simply finding the time to actually sit down and write the post itself. This has sometimes meant sacrificing other things (usually my WoW time) in order to get the post published, but that’s okay. I started NaBloPoMo whilst being pretty burnt out from WoW, and I’m still not playing as much as I used to, so I don’t mind missing playing time to write here instead.

I’ve actually quite enjoyed the experience, and in future I’m definitely going to try and post more regularly than I was before NaBloPoMo. It’s kind of a habit now! While I might not post quite every day, I want to try and keep it up.



In other news, my Mage, Heryst, leveled to 80 yesterday evening, which means I finally have a second max-level character!

I actually did 79-80 in Alterac Valley – after a quick guild poll as to whether I should try PvP leveling (introduced in 3.2) or just hit Icecrown, and getting the same number of votes for each (typically), I thought I’d try it out, and I was pleasantly surprised. Destroying a tower netted about 20000 xp, the same as turning in a quest, or ~1% of the level, and winning the match actually got me loads – in some cases, it seemed like 2 or 3 bars.

I’ve already been forced into a heroic Halls of Stone by my guild, and found myself doing about 1600 dps, which I figured wasn’t bad for someone in questing blues and greens. As you can see, we had a very sensible group:

Typical guild instance group: A dancing bear, a jumping Furbolg, an Iron Dwarf and a Saturday Night Fever Human...

Typical guild instance group: A dancing bear, a jumping Furbolg, an Iron Dwarf and a Saturday Night Fever Human...

Finally, off-topic for a second, for anybody interested in opera – or more accurately, the history of it – I’m going to shamelessly advertise the launch of the website of several of my associates, Each monthly edition of the magazine contains several stories to do with operatic history, as well as audio versions, and various other things. Personally, I’m not a fan of opera, but I’ve seen the material and if you’re interested, it looks pretty darn good.

Concluding not only this post, but NaBloPoMo too,



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