Future plans, WoW style

While I have a to-do list for my blog, as I’ve mentioned, I also have one for the game itself. Some things are on-going and are more on my list as reminders, but some things I need to do sooner rather than later, lest they be gone for good when the expansion arrives and shakes up the old world (no pun intended). While Cataclysm seems a long way off – at least a year – if I don’t start on some things now, I never will, and then I’d regret it.

  1. Finish up the Loremaster achievement on Veliaf. I only have about two thirds of Kalimdor left, it’s just actually getting round to making a start which is hard.
  2. Find a way to get enough money for a motorcycle, because my guild-mate Tom can make them now, and I want one.
  3. Farm until I get that darn Deathcharger mount from Stratholme.
  4. Finish grinding rep with the Cenarion Circle, Zandalar Tribe, Wintersaber Trainers and Timbermaw, all of whom I could be exalted with by now if I could be bothered!
  5. Get my new level 80 Mage, Heryst, geared up and good to go.
  6. Get my AoE-specced Paladin, Darrick, up to 80, because by sitting in Wyrmrest at 73, he ain’t doing no good. Then I can do a Hobbs and go farm Icecrown for the sweet, sweet golds.
  7. I’m contemplating doing a photo gallery of all the old world, before it changes and is gone. I know everyone else is doing this too, but it’s a good idea, and one which I’ve had for a while.
  8. See and finish AQ20 and 40, to get the Dungeon Master achievement (and just to see them all!).

Most likely there are things I’m forgetting, but that about sums it up – finish old world things on Veliaf, and level / gear alts, with a smattering of mount collecting mixed in.

What’s on your to-do list?



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