Late night fun – a story in pictures

It can get pretty crazy late at night in my guild, especially with the introduction of a new Ventrilo server, and last night was no exception.

The plan had originally been to raid, but we eventually decided we couldn’t be bothered and so we went to ToC heroic instead. Afterwards, me and two others were somewhat bored, so we decided 3-manning Onyxia was the only sensible option.

Twenty-five minutes later, additional instances still could not be launched.

Luckily we developed a lazy man’s way of bashing our heads against the portal, which is to say we positioned ourselves such that we only had to jump and it would try and zone us in, meaning we didn’t actually have to move forwards or backwards or anything. The screams of joy were somewhat deafening when we finally did get in.

So the first attempt went down the pan when I got knocked into the whelps! -50DKP for me.

My last moments.

My last moments.

The exact same thing actually happened the second time, which was irritating.

However, thanks to some Warlock tanking in demon form (yay, Demo!)…

Reasons to spec Metamorphosis - #1

Reasons to spec into Metamorphosis - #1

… we got her down on the third attempt.



Before we left, I thought I’d have some fun, however, and so I decided to run into one of the whelp pits to pull some back to my unsuspecting guildies – not realizing that it’s actually one big pit which runs all the way around. So there were rather more whelps than anticipated.

Ooh er

Ooh er

Needless to say, Tom (the Mage) and I died rather quickly, but Vahan (the Rogue) hadn’t run in with us, and lived. He then made the mistake of attempting to get to us and using AoE to try to clear the area.

Congratulations, Vahan.

Congratulations, Vahan, now we're all dead.

So it was up to me to use my uber Demonology powers for good instead of evil – i.e. self-rez with the Soulstone and try to burn down all the whelps with Metamorphosis and Immolation Aura.

Reasons to spec into Metamorphosis - #2

Reasons to spec into Metamorphosis - #2

Which I did! Face it, Demonology is the superior spec. However it was at this point we realized that after all that, I couldn’t rez the others anyway, so we left.

But not before a game of Portal Roulette!


Vahan and I got lumped with the Exodar…

Stupid city.

Stupid city.

With all that behind us, the logical continuation was to head over to an RP server, roll Horde alts and (E)RP the hell out of everyone around. We even spoke on Vent in character – yes, we all seemed to be Undead Jamaicans, but at least we stuck with it! I called myself Sarooman (a Warlock of course) because of an earlier misunderstanding whereby Tom had said ‘Sorry mon’ in an accent and I’d thought he was calling me Saruman from LotR.


Good times.


P.S. I’m away Monday to Friday this coming week, so hopefully I’ll be able to schedule the first part of my written leveling guides for midweek – that’ll be the part which deals with all the new spells and abilities you can learn from the Warlock trainer. The talent-specific options will have to be slightly delayed until I get back.

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