Episode IV: A New Hope

The hell with previously drafted posts – the Warlocks have struck back! After a lengthy seven weeks, WoW.com has finally found a new Warlock columnist in the form of Dominic Hobbs. The article which signified the return of the Blood Pact column went up earlier today, and I’m full of hope that this guy will last longer than poor Nick Whelan did.

While my one concern would be that the article, which covered the events and news which occurred during the absence, was a bit vague, I think that’s only to be expected since it was, after all, a summary. The next few weeks will be telling however.

Mostly, I’m just glad we Warlocks finally have a column to read again! Plus the picture at the beginning, with its subtle jab at Christian Belt (the Mage columnist) was very well done indeed.



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