Classic Raider

Yes, I’m very pleased to announce that I have at last got the Classic Raider achievement, by completing the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (the 40-man raid) at long last! I’ve wanted this achievement since it came out, since I love the old-world content (as you all probably know already), and it was brilliant when yesterday I saw it pop up on the screen after C’thun shuddered and died.

Classic Raider

What else was amazing was that I actually led the 38 people or so who came along – I’ve never been in charge of such a large group before. It started out with me and a guildie called Bleissi deciding to run it for fun yesterday afternoon, and after finding 10 people from LFG we took our pretty solid group in and cleared all the way up to the Twin Emperors.

There, we stalled, mainly because we simply didn’t have enough caster dps for the fight – the only spells being cast there were from myself, a mage, and the healers. So we went back outside, spammed a macro on trade, general and LFG chat, got everyone to ask their friends and guilds, and went back in 26 people stronger, where we proceeded to breeze through the last bosses.

In other news, I now have about 500g invested into my glyph trading on the AH (doesn’t sound much but I’m wary of investing a lot into new products) and I’m looking to buy some more herbs while prices are cheaper this weekend. I’ll probably start posting the glyphs themselves after the server reset this coming week, when prices will be higher due to fresh raids and the like.

I’ll keep you posted (no pun intended) as to how it turns out, but for now I’m off to enjoy Pirate’s Day.


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