Steady On! Patch 3.2.2 & Other Stories

Within the space of a day, everything suddenly seems to have caught up with me!

Several new game announcements, as well as a couple of planned posts I’ve now finished, in addition to some things happening in the game itself, have left me gasping for air slightly while I try to get them all sorted out and ready to go live with. I guess it’s my punishment for not publishing anything for a couple of days…

So earlier today patch 3.2.2 went live in the USA, and it will be hitting the EU realms tomorrow. This is really great news for many reasons, even if it did come pretty suddenly. Here are the patch notes from since they’re not currently available on the official website.

Firstly, the big news this patch is that Onyxia is being rereleased as a level 80 raid. I personally can’t wait to try this out, and so I’m hoping it’s doable with a PuG, since I’m not in a raiding guild. It does make me a little sad that she’ll no longer be available as originally released at 60, but at least I caught my last ever attempt on video.

There are also some battleground changes which look nice, such as BG dailies being available for everyone regardless of level (well, 11 and up) and one which says battlegrounds won’t launch until both teams are full, but otherwise the patch is mostly talent tree changes and bug fixes.

There are actually no Warlock changes whatsoever (does this mean we’re working as intended?), although we do have a few fixes:

  • Demonic Circle: This ability now correctly removes the snaring component of Frostfire Bolt.

This is just a simple tweak to make our Circle work properly.

  • Fel Armor: This spell was unable to set off trinkets and other effects. That has been corrected.

This point is good, since I used to use the Egg of Mortal Essence as its effect proc’d from the Fel Armor effect, and I’m sure other people do similar things – it’s kind of necessary that this works properly if you want to use the trinket.

  • When using Shadowbolt or Incinerate while having Backlash and Backdraft active, only Backlash will now be properly consumed.

The third fix is a tweak similar to the first.

Expect several posts in quick succession now!



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