It’s time to post!

And today, I don’t mean blog posting, although that is in fact what I’m doing. I mean Auction House posting.

A couple of days ago as mentioned, after some small success with producing and selling glyphs I decided to take on a larger chunk of the market and do things on a bigger scale. So throughout all of last week I’ve been building up my stocks of Northrend herbs, especially at the weekend when prices are lower, with the intention of milling them all down. Here’s the result:


Something like 580 pigments if I read the notes I jotted down in a notebook correctly.

Anyway, exactly 9 minutes and 26 seconds of crafting inks later, I came up with this:


Then, I took some time to make sure all the planned glyphs were worthwhile – if they were going to sell for less than certain amount, I wouldn’t lose money, but I wouldn’t make very much either. So this, plus the Snowfall Ink, is what I’m literally just about to post on the AH:

287 auctions, I believe. Far less than some more serious people out there will be doing, but far more than I’ve ever invested in and posted before. So why did I wait for today?

  • Servers reset – posting within the last day or two could have been a bit pointless if my auctions were running while the servers were down. This also means the AH is ‘fresh’.
  • Raids reset – anything related to raiding sells better just before the raids start for the evening, because raiders have to stock up on consumables, etc. Glyphs are partially included in this because people often respec for raids.
  • Prices go up slightly – prices are on the rise anyway after the weekend slump, and fewer people post during the week, meaning less undercutting.
  • ADDED BONUS: Whether big or small, patches always increase the prices of things as people respec, change professions, try new content, and more. The fact that I’m posting all of these glyphs on the same day as the release of 3.2.2 is a fantastic coincidence.

I’ll post in a couple of days as to how much I make and how it goes.

Stay tuned,


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