Vanity vs Utility

A fairly unrelated picture

A fairly unrelated picture

Regular readers of the Greedy Goblin – a great socio-economics blog, by the way – will know that the author, Gevlon, has very strong opinions about certain things. One such thing is that money should never be wasted on “useless” items which are there purely for vanity – either for vanity in the game or to make you feel good IRL. To an extent, I agree. Even if your goal in the game isn’t to acquire money, there isn’t a lot of point saving up and then spending it all on something which does nothing for you.

Most things do have a use, e.g. non-combat pets can be used for achievements. Gevlon’s most common example of something without a use is the 16000g Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth from Dalaran, which he claims to be a pointless waste of cash – here, I disagree. Incidentally, I do have it.

If you have 16000g and you want a fancy new mount, you have two choices; the mammoth or the Mekgineer’s Chopper. Now the chopper would be a waste of money – for about 15800 more gold than the next mount, you get very little extra. One passenger space, to be exact. So it’s more of a status icon.

The mammoth on the other hand is full to the brim of utility. First off, the obvious – it carries vendors. Not only can these be life-savers in raids and instances, both for repairs and for reagents, but they sell food too, and of course buy items just like a normal vendor. This saves a huge amount of time when both grouping and soloing (especially if you’re grinding) and while it might not make you any money, it will actually save you some – you’ll be able to vendor all the grey items and trash instead of destroying them – and it will also save you time, which is a valuable commodity, because you don’t need to return to town to restock or empty your bags.

In addition to the vendors, the mammoth has a more overlooked feature, which is to say you can kick the vendors off and carry people instead. Again, this can be a time saver when you need to go somewhere and the person you need to be there with has a slow mount, but it can also make you money too – consider some sort of taxi service, especially for lower levels, which could, for example, take them from Darkshore to the Barrens. They pay you a few gold, you run through the areas, they don’t die, you make money. Both of these ideas are linked to boosting lower levels, too – you could incorporate the taxi as part of the boost and charge a little extra, and you’ll both reach the instance faster, meaning you’ll be done faster.

So in conclusion, if in doubt as to what to pick when faced with two items, the one which is actually useful is the better option. Also, don’t waste money.

Unrelated to the above, no, I haven’t forgotten about the third leveling guide and no, I haven’t forgotten that I promised to tell you all how my glyphs went. The latter will be out after the weekend, namely on Monday, which I consider the end of my selling week right now – more on what I did and why in a future post (next week). The former will be out as soon as I finish it – I’ve never leveled as Destruction, nor have I played it in PvE, so I’m making sure I get it right, mmkay?



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