Well, after far too much drinking and dancing and running-around-Dun-Morogh-throwing-and-catching-barrels-like-Donkey-Kong, I finally earned my 300 tokens for the last couple of achievements towards the Brewfest meta.

I already had the hat, so I bought the robes for 200 and the boots for 100, and after getting drunk in Dalaran and I sold the items back (perfectly okay so long as you remember there’s a two hour time limit) and bought the Brew of the Month flyer and the Elekk pet with the remaining 100.

Hence, say hello to Brewfaster Veliaf!

On a related note, I just need two achievements towards the Hallow’s End meta and then I’ll have a fancy 310% Violet Proto-Drake, so I really can’t wait for the end of October!



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