Glyphs – method and results

Auctions 2

So, after four days of selling the glyphs I have some final figures for y’all, and I’m also going to outline my strategies for everything. Read on after the break!

The Method

Before we begin, I recommend you read this post that I made previously, which covers part of my method.

To start with, I slowly bought herbs as the raw materials. In particular, I was looking for Icethorn, Adder’s Tongue and the occasional Lichbloom, as they have the highest chance of milling into several pigments. I kept searching the Auction House a few times a day, and bought out all the herbs I could whenever they were a low enough price – now, prices will vary wildly across servers, so take what I say and apply it to your own economies. The trick is to work out when prices are lowest (the weekends for me) and buy at that point – for this reason, it’s a good idea to monitor your AH daily for a few weeks before attempting anything. You can also be collecting scan data with a program like Auctioneer during this time, which I heavily recommend.

Anyway, after collecting approximately 50 stacks I decided I’d invested as much as I was comfortable with, since it was my first attempt at playing the AH like this, and I proceeded to mill the herbs down into pigments and then into inks.

As for making glyphs, the post linked above also shows you the amount of glyphs I ended up with. I only made ones which, according to Auctioneer data, would sell for 5g or more, and of course I had the leftover Snowfall Inks to sell too.

All these glyphs went up on the AH from Wednesday – Friday, which is when prices are highest on my server. There are other reasons for posting on a Wednesday too, again as detailed in my previous post. Once they had expired, I reposted from Friday evening – Sunday evening, which covers the weekend slot when things tend to sell better, although the lower prices mean you make slightly less profit.


All these sold within 10 minutes of posting the glyphs! Ignore the gem, I sell those separately.

The Results

Costs: I spent 656g in total, which was 592g for the herbs and the rest for parchments and the like.

Profit: Overall, after the four days, I made 2627g. This means my profit was 1970g for that time – this breaks down into 998g for the first two days and 972g for the weekend.


This means I’ve actually made almost exactly four times what I invested into the scheme, which is the same as a 400% profit I think (I never was any good at percentages). My opinion? That’s pretty darn good for what wasn’t a whole lot of work! Indeed, now that I have everything figured out, the next time ought to be much smoother and hopefully even more profitable.

I will definitely be trying this again, though not immediately due to inflated herb prices, and I hope by using this (admittedly rudimentary) guide you can enjoy the success I am so far. Do feel free to ask questions!

Until next time,


P.S. You might be asking why I’m telling you all how I do it – shouldn’t I be keeping it to myself? Well, firstly, the readership of my blog is pretty small, so very few people will read this anyway. And secondly, the more people I liberate from the boredom of daily quests, the better.


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