Leveling a Warlock: Written Guides Summary

Well, despite a slight delay with regards to finishing and releasing the final installment, I can finally say that all my 11-80 leveling guides have now been finished! This means I’ve fully completed my series, all the way from 1-80. They’ve actually been great fun to write, and it’s also helped give me further insight into the other two specs I might not normally play as.

Links to the guides can be found after the break:

Leveling a Warlock: Abilities

Leveling a Warlock: Affliction

Leveling a Warlock: Demonology

Leveling a Warlock: Destruction

Hopefully they’ll be of some use, and do please feel free to suggest changes if you think anything is wrong (leave a comment or email me: veliaf@hotmail.co.uk).

Until next time,



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