Azeroth United: Hearts, Hands and Voices for Child’s Play Charity


Today I just want to mention the website Azeroth United and what they’re currently doing for the Child’s Play charity.

AU is a new website from the folks behind the Twisted Nether blogcast as well as a couple of other well-known podcasters and bloggers. They plan to be an “umbrella site” for all the WoW blogs, podcasts, video casts, web comics, machinima and guilds around the internet, and so if you’re reading this and you have something of the above (or indeed anything to do with WoW) head over and see what you can do to get involved! Even if you don’t, it’s worth checking out.

They also plan to use their community aspect to raise money for various charities, and right now they’re running the HHV event (see the title of this post). So if you have some American currency* going spare, please head over and donate something to this great charity!


*The internet is an amazing place. You don’t have to donate in USD, it can probably be any currency.


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