Renovations complete!

Well, I think you’ll all agree the blog is looking far, far better than it did previously! The central column is much wider and fresh-looking, and the two side columns make it easier to access important things. The left side is to do with navigating around the blog, and the right side contains links to important posts and other blogs and websites I read.

I don’t think it’s quite finished, and I’m not fully convinced by the colour scheme at the top there, but it’s a considerable improvement and I want to get back into posting. However, please do suggest things or let me know me your thoughts.



2 Responses to “Renovations complete!”

  1. Sarainy Says:

    I have to admit, I hadn’t read your blog for more than a few days in it’s previous incarnation, however this one already seems vastly superior in comparison.

    It seems a good idea to have internal stuff on the left, and external and important stuff on the right. It kind of reminds me of certain Scrolling Combat Text mods, that do a similar thing with incoming and outgoing events.

    You are right about the header in my personal opinion – it needs a bit more… panache! Maybe an actual image header?

    Whatever you choose to do, the site is looking great now as a whole and I look forward to reading your backlogs, and future posts, in earnest 🙂

  2. Veliaf Says:

    Oh, the dreaded backlogs :p

    Unfortunately this design doesn’t allow for a header image, or I’d definitely have put one in there. I’m liking the parallels being drawn to popular addons though!

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