Good reads and puzzle answer

I’d best cut to the chase today, as I have very little time to post! I also apologise for that hideously unimaginative title…

So, here are two articles I’d like to specially mention:

  1. This Blood Pact article, because we finally get some Demonology love from the folks over at! Admittedly the article focuses almost entirely on the Demonic Pact (spell power) buff we can give to our fellow raiders, rather than the general awesomeness that is our spec, but it’s a good read nevertheless. It’s also nice to know we can beat a Shaman totem at utility.
  2. This post at Paladin Schmaladin which nicely describes the problem(s) with the game at the moment. And no, I do not mean Arcane Mages being overpowered, although it is a pressing concern. Definitely an interesting read.

As promised, I’m also going to reveal all with regard to my Physics puzzle – answer after the break!

So we have three switches and three light bulbs. The trick is to think about what a light bulb does other than give out light – hence, you’re more likely to get this if you’re a physicist-type person, because you will realise the bulb also gives out heat! A mathematician would probably have started trying combinations of switches, etc, which would never work in this scenario.

Since you can look for both heat and light, what you need to do is turn on two of the switches, so that two light bulbs are on. Leave the other off. After a period of time, turn one of the switches off, leaving one bulb lit. When you then go into the other room for the one and only time, you will have:

  • One lit bulb (matches the switch which is still on)
  • One unlit bulb which is still hot (matches the switch you just turned off)
  • One unlit bulb which is cool (matches the switch you never turned on)

Did you get it? Also, if you like the idea of the occasional puzzle, there’s the possibility there of a regular puzzle post, or something. Maybe a Warlock-themed puzzle post, like the Weekly Warlock Wordsearch? Let me know.


P.S. As Vahan mentioned in the comments, this would be different with an energy saving light bulb, it’s true, but these light bulbs are regular ones.

4 Responses to “Good reads and puzzle answer”

  1. Mirtai Says:

    weekly puzzle would be fun – could be warlock related, WoW related or something completely different like the lightbulb one. Shout if you want help with the questions πŸ˜€

  2. Tom Says:

    easy peasy πŸ˜€ turn 1 on, wait, turn it off, turn another on. one will be hot, one will be on, and the other will be off.

  3. Sarainy Says:

    Yep that’s the answer I got!

    Can see how UK people might be a bit confused, as energy saving light bulbs are now the only ones available to buy, yet it was a good puzzle none the less πŸ™‚

    More puzzles would be good!

  4. Vahan Says:

    To be honest with you Sarainy I was slightly taking the Michael out of Veliaf ;). I didn’t really think energy savers, I just didn’t use my common sense enough to get it, and was more than a bit annoyed at myself!

    I’d definitely echo Mirtai that a weekly puzzle would be fun to have. I’ll happily provide a few more physics ones if I think of any!

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