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The blog logo

The blog logo

A while back at the start of September, you may remember I posted two “To-Do” lists, one for this blog and one for the game. Today I’m going to take a look back and see what I’ve managed to do and what’s left. On a related note, tomorrow I’ll be setting out a plan for upcoming posts and/or features, and I also want to define a regular posting schedule for myself.

Now then, let’s look at the blog list first:

  • Finish those leveling guides. I’m not doing any more leveling related videos, but I want to do written guides for each of the three specs. Demonology first, of course, but all three in the end, all the way up to 80.

This one I’ve done, and very pleased with the guides I am too. You can find links to them all in the sidebar on the left.

  • Create a few more videos. There are some level 80 things I know I’d like to feature, and I’ve also received good feedback with suggestions; for example, guides to Naxxramas, Ulduar, and such.

I haven’t created any more blog-specific videos, but really this is due to lack of material / inspiration. I might make one to do with my UI so I can show some addons in action, but if there’s anything you want to see me do, tell me!

  • I’m planning a series of posts about my guild. Quite what yet, I’m not sure, but something along those lines.

This is still in the makings and hasn’t happened yet, but there are more important things I’ll be doing first.

  • Something about Warlock addons (this one has actually been drafted, shock horror!), which will probably descend into…
  • My UI and/or keybindings, etc. Not that the latter would be particularly helpful, since everyone has different tastes in keybinds, but oh well. I may also discuss hardware and things while we’re here.

Expect these two ideas to happen Soon™.

  • Overhaul the website a bit. It looks okay, but it’s plain and kind of boring. I want a proper header-bar picture, some sort of logo (might have something cool lined up here: watch this space), and I might change the theme (colours, layout, design) about a bit too.

Done! I actually just revamped the site this past weekend as you probably know, and it looks so much better, doesn’t it? As for the logo, I have a generic site one which I use whenever I need to represent the blog (see the top of the article), and I have my personal one which I’m slightly in love with. Ambigrams just appeal to me.

  • Look at my blogroll and side bar in general – I’d like a list of important links (i.e. to guides) and less of the ‘last five posts’ type of content, since you could just scroll down. This will probably be done when I get around to doing the site overhaul.

Sure enough, I did this, and at the time of writing all my blogroll links are working and current.

  • My planned posts on pets are way overdue, along with ones on professions, gearing up for raids after hitting 80, and a few posts about my alts.

I’ve put these on the backburner, as they’re not pressing and possibly won’t make it live if they don’t turn out well – no point making you read 2000 words on “Why My Imp Is Cuter Than My Voidwalker” if you’re going to want to tear your eyes out with boredom afterwards.

All in all, finishing that list is still very much a work in progress, but hopefully a few more of the points will ticked off soon.

Let’s take a look-see at the list I had for in-game tasks next:

  • Finish up the Loremaster achievement on Veliaf. I only have about two thirds of Kalimdor left, it’s just actually getting round to making a start which is hard.

I haven’t actually progressed at all with this, it keeps getting sidelined by other achievements. As soon as I have some more time, this one becomes a priority.

  • Find a way to get enough money for a motorcycle, because my guild-mate Tom can make them now, and I want one.

Working on it, hence my sudden interest in the glyph market (which, by the way, is going well for me). I could now afford a bike, but it would leave me with very little, so I need a small amount more before I can buy one.

  • Farm until I get that darn Deathcharger mount from Stratholme.

Chances are I’ll wait for my not-yet-listened-to podcast collection to build up and then set aside a day to just go and live inside the place. I haven’t been reduced to that yet though.

  • Finish grinding rep with the Cenarion Circle, Zandalar Tribe, Wintersaber Trainers and Timbermaw, all of whom I could be exalted with by now if I could be bothered!

Cenarion Circle, check. Zandalar, almost. Wintersaber Trainers, nope. Timbermaw, nope. Oh dear.

  • Get my new level 80 Mage, Heryst, geared up and good to go.

Well, um, he’s more geared than he used to be, I guess. I’m just not finding motivation to gear him properly – I might as well be gearing Veliaf.

  • Get my AoE-specced Paladin, Darrick, up to 80, because by sitting in Wyrmrest at 73, he ain’t doing no good. Then I can do a Hobbs and go farm Icecrown for the sweet, sweet golds.

He’s still 73, and he’s still sat inside Wyrmrest Temple.

  • I’m contemplating doing a photo gallery of all the old world, before it changes and is gone. I know everyone else is doing this too, but it’s a good idea, and one which I’ve had for a while.

Chances are I won’t ever get round to doing this. It’s a romantic idea, but I just feel I’ll look back after Cataclysm and think ‘Gosh, that was a waste of time, I’m never going to look through those’.

  • See and finish AQ20 and 40, to get the Dungeon Master achievement (and just to see them all!).

These three things I have done, despite the odds, so that’s nice.

Seems I’m doing better in-game than out, which I shall have to change, starting with tomorrow’s post as mentioned!

Until tomorrow folks,



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