Posting Schedule


I really do find that I work better when I have a schedule or time plan to work to. For example, during NaBloPoMo I successfully posted once a day, every day, all month, because I knew I had to – there’s no reason I can’t do that all the time, except if I don’t think I need to, I won’t push myself to provide the content. So, I’m going to try and implement something I can stick to for my blog posting.

In light of the apparent popularity of my recent puzzle post, I’d like to aim for one new puzzle a week. This also means I need one answer per week. Additionally, I need actual real content posts of the informative sort, but also some fun ones. With all that in mind (which isn’t actually all that much at all), and with the want of a day off, we have something like this:

  • Monday: The weekly puzzle.
  • Tuesday: Content.
  • Wednesday: Content.
  • Thursday: Content.
  • Friday: The answer to the weekly puzzle.
  • Saturday: Fun post.
  • Sunday: No post.

This way y’all can have most of the week to try and solve the puzzle I post, and the 3 main content articles (the useful or interesting ones) can be posted in between. The weekends will be a bit lighter, with more of a relaxed or fun post on Saturday and with me taking Sunday off, although in this context ‘off’ actually means ‘writing posts for the upcoming week’.


One Response to “Posting Schedule”

  1. Sarainy Says:

    Sounds like a good idea for me!

    I find it near impossible to post consistently without a sort of post schedule – although my previous one was too strict and a single real life problem threw it out the window!

    Yours seems nice and flexible however 🙂 Mind if I steal the idea?

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