The Weekly Warlock Wind-Up: DoTs

I do hope you enjoyed the pun in the title there, after looking at the picture below. Now, on with the show!

Today, I present to you nine dots arranged in a grid:

WeeklyPuzzle2Your task is to connect all the dots with four consecutive straight lines. Here are the rules specifically:

  • You may only use four lines.
  • The lines must be consecutive, i.e. they must follow on from each other – the best way to think of this is to imagine you’re drawing the lines by hand. Your pen wouldn’t be allowed to leave the paper in between drawing each line.
  • The lines cannot bend, curve, change shape, warp through time and space to appear elsewhere or generally do anything which would cause them not to be straight.
  • You have to connect all the dots.
  • You may start anywhere.

Have fun, and expect an answer on Friday!


4 Responses to “The Weekly Warlock Wind-Up: DoTs”

  1. Sarainy Says:

    Dots! More dots!

    Okay stop dots!

    😉 I’ve seen this puzzle quite a few times before, but have never actually sat down and tried to solve it properly, or seen the answer!

    Hopefully will figure it out soon, if not Friday will reveal all 🙂

  2. Tom Says:

    Ah, thinking outside the box eh? 😉

  3. Vahan Says:

    Use a very thick pencil?

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