The Weekly Warlock Wind-Up: DW


Suggested by a friend of mine, this week’s puzzle is another language-related one:

“There are three words and three words only in the English language which begin with the letters ‘dw’. What are they?”

At this point I’m going to note that it doesn’t matter how you phrase the question or anything tricksy like that – I do actually want three words. Dwayne and Dwight, etc, don’t count, because they’re names, and yes, it is cheating to use Google or a dictionary. I’ll know if you do. I’m watching.

Good luck and the answers will be posted this Friday!


5 Responses to “The Weekly Warlock Wind-Up: DW”

  1. Vahan Says:

    Just to add to that, if it was three words beginning with e then eat, eating and eats would count as one. I know because Mirtai wouldn’t let me get away with it :(.

  2. Jae Says:

    Dangit, I can think of two but can’t think of the third. And I swear the dictionary at the end of my desk is mocking me….

  3. Sarainy Says:

    I can think of only one so far, and it might only be a colloquialism not even in the dictionary!

    Will have to seriously think about this one.

  4. Syrana Says:

    I can only think of dwarf and dweeb. xD

  5. gcbirzan Says:

    Dweeb is slang, and probably not what the original question had in mind, because that would make 4 words.

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