The Hex Factor – Supporting Azeroth United through words

As some of you may already know, the first Hands, Hearts and Voices for Child’s Play charity drive kicked off over at Azeroth United a couple of days ago on November 1st. Indeed, I’ve mentioned it in several posts recently.

Being a part of the AU community, I’m going to be contributing towards this drive by promoting the event with an event of my own. Each week for the next six weeks (until the drive ends on December 13th) I’ll be holding a different part of a contest I’m going to call…

The Hex Factor


Well, don’t all laugh at once.

The Hex Factor

How it will work is every Sunday I’ll post the contest for the following week, and the winner will be announced on the Thursday. This week is slightly different due to the time of this post, which is why I’ve made it the simplest contest of the six – you will have from today (Tuesday) until Friday morning (before 12 noon).

The winner each week will receive a discount coupon code for SwagDog, the website which creates and sells both personalized and pre-made gaming gear, including, of course, WoW gear – hoodies, t-shirts and hats, amongst other things. I know that when my guild eventually has a RL meet-up, I’d like an Imperial Guardsmen t-shirt! Anyways, the code will be valid until Sunday of that week, which is why the contest has to end on Thursday to allow me time to pick a winner and email the code to them. The winners will be announced on Friday along with their winning entry.

The rules:

  • You may only enter once per contest, however you may enter any or all of the different contests
  • The entry, dependent on contest, must be appropriate to that contest
  • You must either email your submission (entry) to me, or, if you wish to host your submission elsewhere on the internet, send me an email directing me to the submission. This is so I have an email address to contact you by if you win.
  • All submissions, or directions to submissions, must be sent to my email address: veliaf AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk
  • The email must also contain your name and any other details you want mentioned e.g. guild, server, shoutouts, blog address
  • There will be one winner per contest
  • The judge’s (my) decision on the winner is final

Any people or entries not following the rules won’t be counted.

While we’re here, let’s not forget why these prizes are being given away – Child’s Play is a fantastic charity which provides games and entertainment to children in hospitals who, without CP, wouldn’t have them. AU’s drive to raise money – the target is $5000 and they’re already well on their way – just goes to show how wonderful the Warcraft community can be at giving something back. Please, head over to AU and donate something towards their cause, even if it’s only a tiny amount, because it adds up. Don’t think “someone else will”- be that someone.

This Week’s Contest

Getting onto this week, I want to see who can invent the best Child’s Play-themed slogan with the most Hex Factor. It should be witty, catchy and realistically usable. Here’s my attempt to give you an idea:

It’s so easy to donate and help someone in need, it’s like Child’s Play!

Of course, I’m not entering my own contest, but you can! Email your submissions to me by this Friday morning and the winner will be announced on Friday evening, when I’ll be emailing the code out. You’ll have to use it fast, but don’t miss your chance.

Best of luck,


One Response to “The Hex Factor – Supporting Azeroth United through words”

  1. Vahan Says:

    I swear you waited till I ordered my T-shirt to do this!

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