The Hex Factor – Supporting Azeroth United through words (winning entry)


The Hex Factor

The rules and information for the Hex Factor contests can be found in the original post here.


Well, the first of the Hex Factor contests has come to a close, and I’m pleased to announce that the first (and only) prize went to Syrana, of Sideshow and Syrana. Her discount code is on the way to her – but never fear! You can still win one by entering the next contest.

The winning entry:

“For the children!”

I particularly liked this one for several reasons. Firstly, it’s simple and catchy, which is important to a slogan. Secondly, it really helps tie together the charity and World of Warcraft – ‘For the Horde/Alliance’ are common phrases from WoW, and here the faction has been replaced with ‘children’, which is at the core of Child’s Play. Finally, the actual phrase itself really sums up what the charity is about – it is, after all, literally for the children.

Well done to Syrana and indeed to everyone who entered. The next contest will go live on Sunday, and will end next Thursday, as per the rules, so stay tuned!



4 Responses to “The Hex Factor – Supporting Azeroth United through words (winning entry)”

  1. Sarainy Says:

    I think it would be more than interesting to see all the other entries too in addition to the winner – and doubt I’m the only one? 🙂

    Well done to Syrana on winning though! My mind drew blanks all week on anything remotely good so I stayed out of it – maybe the next will give me instant inspiration 😉

    Also this might sound slightly..cheeky, but what if we have no interest in purchasing from SwagDog? Are we allowed to give away our coupon code – what are the restrictions? Interested to know because my intention of buying something is rather low, but I’d like to enter for the fun of it anyway!

    • Veliaf Says:

      The plan is to combine all the entries for all the different contests into one big video at the end, to showcase everything. Otherwise, it could become pretty cluttered if there are too many entries – it’s not such a problem for words, but imagine if I asked for pictures and had even just ten entries!

      You can of course give away the codes, provided they aren’t sold or anything – for free is fine. Bear in mind the time limits on their usage however! They’re pretty restricting.

      Enter even if you don’t really want the prize – it’s fun, it will make for a better contest and you can always state you don’t want to win, or whatever, and I can pass it to second place.

      Edited because I didn’t read the whole comment there to start with.

  2. Sarainy Says:

    A-ha. I see the logic there with not posting all entries straight off 🙂

    Yeh I think I’ll enter and state that I’m not interested in winning – it would be very cheeky to accept and either let the code go to waste, or to try and pass it on later… Rather someone deserving gets it who participated.

    Listen to me, I’ve yet to ENTER anything yet – let alone win! 😉 Just thought it best to cover the situation should it happen, however unlikely lol.

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