It’s the weekend…

…and as everyone knows, the weekend means it’s time for a random post with no real bearing on the game or RL. This weekend, you’re especially lucky, because there will actually be two posts this weekend thanks to the launch of my second contest tomorrow! That’s right – not one, but two. Nicht eins, aber zwei. Pas un, mais deux. Bon appetite!

First up, this amazing video. Remember those books you used to buy, where you followed a character into a spooky house or similar, and then you could either “Go upstairs: Go to page 39” or “Go through the door ahead: Go to page 81”? It’s like that – but in video form! And it’s been done really, really well. Not only was it incredibly creepy, but I loved the butler character, and the ending, which I won’t spoil for you.

Now you can watch the first introductory part here, but when you click a link for the first time it will probably open in a new window. Feel free to let me know how many attempts it took you to finish, because I think I tried every option before getting the right ones…

Next up, I found this post on the new bought-with-real-money minipets over at Darth’s blog particularly interesting, mainly because I agree with almost everything he says. Check it out, and maybe have a look around the blog in general while you’re there.

Finally, this picture I found over at Wowbash, and I thought it was particularly relevant, being a Warlock. It also made me laugh:

Oh, burn

Until tomorrow,



3 Responses to “It’s the weekend…”

  1. Sarainy Says:

    Er could you delete the other comment..that was by me and I accidentaly was still logged in to my account :X

    Will try and wrote what was in the previous comment…

    “Wow the video was awesome! I really enjoyed it. Used to read books like that in my youth and it was great to see something like that again.

    As for the Wowbash…OIT. My new main is a paladin tank! 😉

    Thanks for the laughs, and the scares

  2. Mindles Says:

    I lol’d hard at the pally-tank joke 😀 (guess who didn’t find it quite so funny :P)

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