The Hex Factor – Supporting Azeroth United through pictures

HHV Logo

The rules and information for the Hex Factor contests can be found in the original post here.

Well, Sunday is here and it’s time to kick off the second installment of my Hex Factor contests. Last week, I asked you to email in the slogans for Child’s Play which had the most Hex Factor – and this week, I want pictures.

Specifically, I’m looking for a picture which could generally be used as the logo for the Hearts, Hands and Voices drive by Azeroth United. While they already have one (see image at top of post), this is your chance to improve upon it, or even change it entirely! The logo should try and include either a reference to the Child’s Play charity or a reference to the HHV drive, as well as a reference to WoW or Azeroth United.

The logo can be:

  • A hand drawing
  • An MS Paint (or similar) drawing
  • (Part of) a WoW screenshot
  • Pretty much anything else – be inventive!

There is no specific size it must be, but I must be able to see it clearly. It should also be suitable for use as a logo, otherwise you’re defeating the point. The full rules can be found here, but the important parts to remember are that entries must be emailed to me, or if you can’t attach the picture, host it somewhere like PhotoBucket and email me the link to it instead. My email address is veliaf AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk.

You have until Thursday morning (before 12 noon) and the winner will be announced on Thursday evening. Good luck, and remember to head over to Azeroth United and donate towards the Child’s Play charity we’re supporting!



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