The Hex Factor – Supporting Azeroth United through sound

The rules and information for the Hex Factor contests can be found in the original post here.

With the coming of Sunday begins the third Hex Factor contest! Last week I asked you to send in pictures, and before that I asked for slogans. Now what we need is sound!

As you’ve probably heard, the actual HHV drive is calling for people to ‘give their voices’ for charity, which is to say, they want people to send in clips of themselves supporting the drive. Mine can be found at the end of the video I linked above, which you may remember from a few posts ago.

Now rather than just mimic the above, I’d like you to send in a sound clip which promotes both the charity and the AU drive, but do it differently. Feel free to let your imagination run wild here – it can be funny, it can be a parody of something famous (maybe a TV ad, or a film quote, or even something from Warcraft), it could even be you reciting a poem. If you can’t think of anything better, record yourself saying something! Anything goes, providing it’s appropriate.

Just remember the clip has to include the following:

  • It should promote Child’s Play / the Hearts, Hands and Voices drive
  • If possible, it should link to WoW or Azeroth United somehow

Send the clips to my email address – veliaf AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk. If you can only send in the clip as a video (for some reason), please don’t send the video but instead host it somewhere else and send me a link, because videos are usually too big for Hotmail attachments. You have until Thursday!



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