Gevlon and Markco

As many of you have no doubt read or heard, an interesting and controversial situation developed earlier today when Gevlon of the Greedy Goblin posted an article: No means no!. In this article, he wrote about how Markco of JMTC allegedly emailed him with a business proposition.

Markco’s idea was simply that Gevlon, being the author of a popular socio-economics blog, could have a small ad on his site which linked back to the JMTC gold making guide, a product Markco sells which contains what are apparently the best tips and tricks on how to make gold i.e. the ones which are better than those posted on his (free) blog. Now I’ve never bought his guide and can’t say what is inside, but it’s a normal and fair enough idea to want to advertise it.

After the email was sent (the contents of which can be read in Gevlon’s post, although only part of the email was screenshotted and the rest was just written text and so could have been altered) Gevlon replied saying he didn’t want to be caught writing advertisement posts, and nor did he believe in the amounts of money that Markco was suggesting he could make from being an affiliate. Markco then replied again, sounding rather petulant. Again, the unverified contents of these emails can be read in Gevlon’s post.

The issue could probably have been left there, but Markco did put up a post saying, and I quote, how he was going to “be the bigger man” and not lower himself to the level of “that tawt”. Unfortunately I can’t link you the post, as it was pulled shortly after it went live. Not before it gathered a lot of comments though.

There is also the fact that Gevlon’s screenshot contains Markco’s real name and email address, and for obvious reasons he seemed very upset at this, going so far as to threaten to sue Gevlon (in the comments) if the details aren’t removed or covered up. Personally I take this to be an empty threat, but I can see his point. I would ask you as my readers not to abuse these details if you do see the picture before it’s changed (if it is).

So interestingly the public seems to be divided into three groups over the issue.

  • Gevlon haters – these people have sided with Markco and believe Gevlon should have kept details of their conversations to himself.
  • Markco haters – these people believe Markco has sold out in favour of making cash IRL, and that his blog is no longer worth reading.
  • The rest – people who would like both blogs to forget it and move on, or those who just don’t care.

Myself, I’m putting myself firmly into the last group. I read and enjoy both blogs, and have found valuable informations and interesting posts on both. I think it’s also necessary that I point out that Gevlon didn’t post entirely to mock or degrade Markco – the overall post was about marketing techniques and people not taking no for an answer. I do also I think Markco was a bit of a fool to approach Gevlon, who is notorious for not helping others and for definitely having a unique point of view on life, about something like this. I am, however, glad he got rid of his retaliatory post on his blog because frankly it wasn’t called for, and if he does feel the need to defend himself, he could do it much more eloquently and without resorting to derogatory language. But it’s true that he has never made it a secret that he intends to profit from the guide, nor that the blog is only a side project.

Hopefully, both bloggers will just forget the incident, but it’s sad that fights like this have to happen at all. I suppose the morals of the story are use a different email address for WoW and RL, and be careful who you approach about what.

EDIT: Markco’s response post.



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