To Veliaf, from Veliaf

Determined not to be beaten by Mirtai, I bought myself a motorcycle. Well, it was partly to celebrate Loremaster, and I’d been considering it for a while, but still.

Besides, it looks awesome when I tear around Dalaran knocking over Gnomes.

How was your Christmas? Fantastic, terrific or whimsical I should hope. Did you get anything nice, in WoW or otherwise?



The Weekly Warlock Wind-Up: Christmas (answer)

Before anything, let me just wish everybody a very merry Christmas on this, the 25th December!

Hopefully you’re having a fantastic day and enjoying time with family, friends, and all that jazz. I also hope you’re not actually reading this on the 25th itself, because you should be doing real life Christmassy stuff. Go! Be gone! Come back tomorrow when you’re full of turkey instead.

And now here’s my gift to you – the answer to this week’s puzzle.

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, no one gave to me…

Why don’t I get Christmas presents like that?

AFK for the holidays, and the syphilis meme

So I’ll be AFK for the holidays, which for me means about a week and a half. There will be some scheduled posts put up during that time (however, we’re unfortunately skipping the Wind-Up next week), but I won’t actually be about. Make sure you all have a fantastic holiday yourselves, won’t you, and don’t eat the yellow snow.

I’d also like to let Tam know that I’ll be writing about holiday achievements for him after I get back. He should therefore beware, because there might be a topic waiting for him himself, when he least expects it…

Be right back,


The Weekly Warlock Wind-Up: Christmas

Let’s go with something a little more festive this week – ’tis the season, after all!¬†As such, here’s a wordsearch. The words to find are there on the right.

Answers go up Friday!


Affliction in Patch 3.3 – Useful links

While I’ve covered all the Warlock changes from the latest patch (here and here), it’s no secret that my speciality spec, as well as my favourite, is Demonology, and as such I’ve gone into more detail about those changes than the others (here). My in-game offspec, Destruction, didn’t really have a great deal of changes to talk about, so I reckon I can get away with not discussing that much. But one area I do fall down on is talking about Affliction at end game, because I really know very little and I also don’t play it (yet). I plan to rectify that in the future, but until that time, I’m happy to send all you Affliction Warlocks off to some other blogs who are a little more knowledgeable.

Before we start, thanks be to Syrana for pointing out these blogs and posts during her last TLC Thursday post.

Mystic Chicanery

This is Nibuca’s personal blog (hear her on the Twisting Nether podcast too) and in this post she discusses the new Glyph of Quick Decay, which decreases the time between ticks of your Corruption spell. This leads to a handy guide to Affliction spell priorities – definitely worth a look.

Killing ‘Em Slowly

This blog by Fulguralis is actually one I hadn’t seen until just recently (shock horror!) but one that I will certainly be reading from now on. There are three good posts here I want to identify:

  1. Affliction raiding spec – a detailed guide to where to put your talent points.
  2. Affliction glyphs and rotation – you’ve got the spec, now you need the correct glyphs and a swish rotation to match. I enjoyed the level of detail that the rotation section went into, as it covers pre- and post-25% health, and also includes a large section on multiple targets, something a lot of people (including myself, probably) skip over.
  3. Affliction stat choices and pets – choosing the correct pet is obviously a decision which can affect your gameplay (and more importantly, dps) a great deal, and then when loot starts dropping, you need to be sure what stats are best for you. As with the previous guides on this website, the length, detail and amount of effort put in were very impressive.

Hopefully these links will be of use! Do you know of any other good Affliction guides, blogs or articles? Leave a link in the comments below.


Loremaster links

Loremaster's Colours

Okay, so, as you know, I recently achieved my Loremaster title. Now while I definitely did not use any addons which simply point out quests you haven’t done (because that would be cheating in my eyes and would spoil the challenge) I did use several very useful websites, which I will link for you shortly, because I’m nice like that.

My general strategy was to pick a continent and methodically work through it area by area. For example, for Eastern Kingdoms I started in Stranglethorn Vale and worked my way north, and for Kalimdor I started with Teldrassil and went south. If a quest I picked up ended in a different area, I would save it in my log until I had worked through to the area where I could turn it in. For this reason it is very important to keep quite an empty quest log where possible.

Within each area, I would do all the quests at every quest hub I could find and then move on. After sweeping the entire continent, I then returned to the first area and went through with a fine tooth comb, running to every inch of the place and checking the minimap constantly – hopefully you have, by now, realised that you can track low-level quests on your minimap!

After finely sweeping the whole continent, if I wasn’t finished I would then try to think of likely places for more quests, such as inside instances. In the case of Northrend, Outland and Eastern Kingdoms I didn’t need to do this (indeed by the time I reached Eastern Plaguelands I still had at least 15 easy quests left) but I found Kalimdor to be harder than the others and needed to refer to some of the links below to find those last few quests. I didn’t actually specifically look for dropped items which start quests, but you can do that too if you filter Wowhead to get a list.

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