Link Love

Well, I’m not 100%, but I am on the mend, and so I’m going to take today to suggest a few good reads (and listens) for your enjoyment.

A while back we looked at the most famous Warlocks in WoW, and while Ner’zhul (the original Lich King) never actually became a Warlock, his story is very much intertwined with those of characters we investigated – Gul’dan and Kil’jaeden amongst others. Therefore, this great article on his lore from is definitely worth a read!

A common theme of complaint these days seems to be ‘WoW is too easy’, or something along those lines. I haven’t really said anything on the matter, although I do agree that the game is become maybe a little too “casual-friendly” – which is a term I use loosely – but there are a couple of podcasts who have been discussing it and a lot of their points would be my points. These are the two best ones I’ve found on the subject:

Darth Solo of WoW Alone wrote a great, in-depth post on The Truth About Inscription! *dramatic music*

HitTheCap at last managed to hit the cap (after just two and a half months in actuality). So well done to Tella on that achievement!

Yes, I know it’s not a really informative and interesting post, but I’m building my way back up. Additionally, work gets in the way a lot, so if anyone fancies solving some vector mechanics for me…


One Response to “Link Love”

  1. Vahan Says:

    You’re really complaining about vector mechanics?! Pyah! 😛

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