Not enough hours in the day

Stress clock

Well, Patch 3.3 has officially been announced to be dropping tomorrow (for us in the EU at least) and as such I’ve gone into overdrive slightly trying to get completely ready for it. Unfortunately I have fifteen other RL things to do too.

  • My guides, links to which can be found on my blog’s home page, will be updated to reflect the final patch notes ASAP (meaning tonight or tomorrow).
  • I haven’t yet entirely finished my tirade of posts about how much I appear to hate WoW players, so there’s that to write.
  • I have a lovely differentiation and integration problem to tackle which I also then need to write up.
  • There’s a desktop computer with a note saying ‘fix and upgrade me’ downstairs, and it has my name on it.
  • I really need to draw up a Christmas shopping list.
  • My RSS reader has 42 new posts since I last checked this morning!
  • Inside the game, my auctions need gathering together, stock needs replenishing fully, and I need to buy some things.
  • Guild admin.

And of course, when I come to log in, I find my game time has just expired. Typical!



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