Favourite lore character?

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An interesting question was posed to me by a guildie the other day: What’s my favourite WoW lore character?

After thinking for a few minutes I realised that, actually, this was a really tough cookie. I mean there’s a few of the more obvious and popular candidates – I’ve always been a Bolvar fan, and actually Kil’jaeden is pretty awesome – but I wouldn’t say they were my favourites. They’re certainly not the kind of folks I’d deliberately go and see for a little bit of RP if I was nearby.

So then I started thinking about the story arcs I like the most, because maybe my favourite character would be featured in my favourite plot, right? Well, there’s the Ahn’Qiraj story which I’ve always liked despite my deep seated hatred of Silithid quests (especially those ones in Un’Goro, although I think questing in Silithus for Loremaster softened me up a bit), and I also like the whole Ragnaros / Black Dragonflight war which is going on in the Blackrock Mountain. Alternatively we have the Arthas storyline, which is probably one of the most detailed and promoted stories in WoW, and it’s a fantastic example of how even the best heroes can turn to evil. Maybe even the Ashbringer tale. But I don’t think any of these would be my favourite ever.

Next I tried thinking along themes. For example, you could probably assume my favourite character would be a Warlock, but after thinking through all the notable ones, I don’t think so. Nor can I think of any other classes who have well-known heroes that I really like – Tirion Fordring frankly lost my respect after the Crusader’s Coliseum, Uther has never meant a great deal to me, the Windrunner sisters don’t appeal (although Sylvanas is pretty cool) and Medivh was a candidate, but just doesn’t quite hit the spot.

Then I went through various bosses of raids and instances, considering their stories and backgrounds. One which stood out was the Hydraxian Waterlords and their battle with the Firelord. Additionally we have Hakkar and the trolls, C’thun (and Old Gods in general), Moroes (I do love that guy), VanCleef and the Masons, or even Kel’thuzad… But I just don’t think of them as awesome lore characters.

Finally, I had to give up. The answer is that I just don’t know who my favourite lore character is! There are so many fantastic plots, intricacies, twists and facets to WoW lore that nobody, for me right now at least, can truly be considered number one.

What about you, dear reader? Do you have a favourite character, and if so, why? Or if not, why not?



4 Responses to “Favourite lore character?”

  1. Nassaya Says:

    Wow, I’m glad I made you think so much. Sylvanas all the way for me 😀

  2. Syrana Says:

    I have a hard time picking a favorite character as well… I have lots of storylines I enjoy, but that’s a tough one. I think.. if I absolutely HAD to choose one, I’d go with Thrall.

  3. Tamarind Says:

    I’m a crazy Kael fanboy. He’s just the epitome of OTT, to say nothing of a snappy dresser.

  4. Spolat Says:

    My personal favourite is broxigar, that man was one hell of a badass. he even managed to wound sargeras.

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